Sites to download latest songs and music in Kenya

Popular sites to download songs and music in Kenya.

Music is life. Music plays a major role in everyone who loves it.

It soothes moods and brings memories of happy times .
To some music is the food to the soul and their only true love that never leaves them and the can listen to it any day any time.

No matter your favourite genre how it makes you feel is what matters most. seeks to help music lovers get to download their favourite songs and music for free or at a small fee that is affordable to them.


Boomplay allows allows users to stream and download free trending music such as African and international songs, albums and playlists and play them offline.

Users are rewarded points which they can use to redeem products on the app.

They offer gospel music, traditional music, Afrobeats and any world music.

Users can also download videos from Fleur favourite artists and stay updated on the latest releases and music news.

2. Mdundo Free Music

Mdundo allows users to download free music, stream and share favourite music priding themselves as the number 1 music app in East Africa( Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.)

Mdundo offers high quality music that you can listen to even when offline to quench your taste of Africa’s biggest artists and news about them.

Mdundo says they are a one-stop solution for all your music needs from Bongo, Genge, Gospel, AfroPop, DJ Mixes, Nigerian Music, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Taarab, Zilizopendwa and Rhumba.

Users get the access to the largest library of music in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia & Ghana.

Mdundo offer daily update of music.

3. Viusasa

Citizen TV owned app Viusasa needs users to pay a fee to access from about Ksh10 bob daily.

Viusasa provides users unlimited videos, music and live TV in Kenyan languages.

Viusasa is a Kenyan Video On Demand platform that offers Kenyan music at users convenience, on any device, anywhere, anytime in English, Swahili and Vernacular.

Viusasa showcases the cream of Kenyan music and delves into the lifestyles of your favorite artists.

4. YouTube

The YouTube app or online platform is the most popular offering millions of music videos to watch from the latest releases and channels to choose from.

Users get to watch the hottest music videos to what’s trending in each country.

Users can subscribe to the channels they like and comment on music videos.

Users can also upload their own videos that they wish to share with the world.

5.SoundCloud Music and Audio

SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform, with over 200 million tracks.

It is an open global community for anyone to upload any sound for immediate discovery.

Users can create playlists for any occasion and find new music from curated playlists , biggest hits in pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz and podcasts.

6. Songa by Safaricom

Users get to discover music, albums and playlists they love.

Users get unlimited access to over 2.5 million songs and their entire music library that is totally ad-free.
Users can listen to playlists packed with top songs and sounds by the hottest artists, African and International. 
Users can listen to music on-demand, online or offline, wherever and whenever they want, and have the music at their fingertips as they continue living life.
Users also get to discover new music and songs that match their personal taste and emotion.

7. Skiza Tune by Safaricom

This is a service provided by Safaricom that users get to buy music then download it or they can get to pay a daily fee to have it as a ring back tone to entertain users who call them with a Skiza Tune.

8.Apple Music

Apple Music gives it’s users unlimited access to over 60 million songs from the entire Apple Music library.

The music is free and available right from users android devices, IPhone, IPad, Mac or PC.

The app also offers songs lyrics and users can stream their favourite music.

Users get to enjoy downloading their favourite songs to their phones and enjoy listening offline anywhere anytime.

Users can also get to broadcast their favourite radio stations.

Apple Music says the first three months are free to new members.

9.Mziiki -music for Africa

Mziiki enabler its users to listen to their favourite music either via offline download or streaming.
It prides itself in delivering true African music spirit with a buzzing community of artists, latest trending hits and classics from Africa’s most talented musicians.
Users can save data by offline downloads of their favourite tracks which they can listen even without connectivity.
Artists also get the opportunity to upload their own music.

Which is your favorite app or site where you download your latest music and songs?

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