How to check CRB clearance status online and get a CRB clearance certificate in Kenya

With the high cost of living in Kenya the more Kenyans are borrowing loans to try and live a better life by paying urgent bills, starting a business or cater for basic needs.

Statistics shows a rising number of Kenyans are applying for loans and borrowing from money lending apps such as Zenka, Tala and so much more.

Thus the need for one to check their CRB status online, know how to clear with CRB after being blacklisted and how to get a clearance certificate in Kenya.

There are 2 most popular companies licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya to provide Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) services to all banks in Kenya and mobile phone money lending companies are Metropol Corporation and Creditinfo Kenya.

According to Metropol here is how to check your CRB clearance status in Kenya.

1. By dialing *433#

2. Downloading the “Metropol Crystobol App”

3. Through WhatsApp

You just send the word ‘Hello’ to WhatsApp number 0731433433 and you get to know your CRB status!

Through WhatsApp you can get to Know your Listing Status,know who has listed you,get your certificate of clearance or credit report and know your Metro Score. You just need to
WhatsApp hello to 0731 433433 to get started.

4. Online via Web

You log onto Metropol website to view your status.

5. CRB services available in all Huduma Centres and CRB agents country wide.

How to get a CRB clearance certificate in Kenya:

According to Credit Info Clearance certificate is issued upon request, either when requested by:

  1. A Financial Institution
  2. During Job Application
  3. During a Tender process etc

If you do not have a negative listing on your credit report, you will get a clearance certificate. If you have a negative listing on your credit report, you will be issued a credit status certificate.

Here is how to apply for a CRB clearance certificate from Creditinfo Kenya.

To apply for the Metropol CRB clearance certificate, remember you will need to send Kshs 2200 via the Paybill number 220338 as it is usually charged after requesting for the certificate either via WhatsApp, App, Online Web , by Dialing *433# or visiting any nearby Huduma Centre countrywide.

Ensure after clearing all your debts with the money lender the report is sent to CRB which may take a day or up to 3 days before you apply for a CRB clearance certificate.

It is advisable to check your credit report at least once every 6 months if you are not actively borrowing and once every month if you have active credit accounts.
To check your Credit Report you simply dial *433#, through the App or Online Web.

Remember you can also subscribe to alerts and get instant notification on any changes on your CRB profile.
Service accessed by registered customers via
1.The Metropol Crystobol App ,

2.USSD *433#
3. Online via Web

The Metro Score is a measure of your credit worthiness and the likelihood that you will meet your financial obligations.
The Metro Score ranges from 200 to 900 with higher scores indicating better credit quality than lower scores.
To check your Credit Score you can do it on the Crystobol App.

Summary: Take control of your creditworthiness! Metropol CRB enables you to know your Listing Status, Credit Score,Credit Report, Clearance Certificate, Who Has Listed You & Listing Alerts on the Crystobol App or Dial *433#

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