Details:Ex Sports CS Rashid Echesa arrested again

The five cars recovered by DCI Kenya at Echesa’s Karen home. Photos: DCI Kenya

Ex-Sports CS Rashid Echesa was arrested again on Monday 2nd March by DCI detectives and taken to DCI_Kenya offices along Kiambu Road, with five cars that were parked in his Karen Home impounded.

The DCI detectives were investigating the ownership of former Sports CS Rashid Echesa’s vehicles in the raid at his Karen home.

According to the report released by DCI Kenya this is what they had to say concerning former CS Echesa arrest as seen by

“FOLLOWING a complaint made to the @DCI_Kenya Public Complaints Section by a Kisumu resident of Former CS Rashid Echesa having Fraudulently transferred to his possession her late husband’s three Motor vehicles; a Passat KAY 388A, KBZ 009J Toyota LandCruiser V8 & KBN 242N Toyota Mark X in 2016, #DCI SCU Detectives today carried investigations in the Karen Home of Mr. Echesa & recovered the following;

  1. KCW 289Q Toyota LandCruiser V8,
  2. KCL 350J Mercedes Benz,
  3. KAY 388A Volkswagon Passat,
  4. KBP 725B Ford Ranger,
  5. Lexus with no Reg Number, &
  6. Front & rear number plates (KBS 388F). Ksh. 507,000 was also found in the front seat of the Benz. All the vehicles taken for verification by @ntsa_kenya officers as further investigations into the complainant’s allegations continue.

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