9 more people test positive of Coronavirus- Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe

Nine more people have tested positive of Coronavirus from four counties, Nairobi Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale.

Seven are Kenyans and two are foreigners Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe has announced in a media briefing.

This now brings the total number of Coronavirus infection cases in Kenya to 25!

The Ministry of Health have identified high risk counties and have taken extra measures in those counties – Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi & Kwale; CS Mutahi Kagwe #KomeshaCorona press briefing.

Out of the 9 new confirmed cases, 7 are Kenyans while 2 are foreigners. And of the 7 Kenyans, 3 have contracted the virus from close contacts of previously confirmed cases, 4 others contracted the same from countries that are affected with the virus.

The new patients have already been taken into isolation in our facilities, and are being monitored by our medical personnel?, together with others who previously turned positive.

Tracing of contacts for the new patients,as well as those of the previous patients is ongoing. The total number of close contacts that we have so far been monitoring stands at 745. Out of this number, 98 of them have been discharged after completing the 14 day follow up period.

We are now remaining with 647 close contacts that our tracing teams are monitoring. 15 individuals are currently admitted at Mbagathi Hospital awaiting test results.

Following our directive on 22nd March, 2020, all international travelers arriving through our entry points are undergoing mandatory quarantine in selected hotels, and Government designated facilities, at their own cost. #KomeshaCorona

The Ministry of Health is urging all Kenyans to support the ongoing measures to #KomeshaCorona.

The Ministry of Health is thanking our medical fraternity for fast tracking testing and other Health services they are offering. The equipment we have received today will enhance the safety of health workers; CS Health at the #KomeshaCorona press briefing.

Today we ??have received a donation of 25,000 testing Kits for the Coronavirus ?from the Chinese business magnate Jack Ma.?

We shall be carrying out mandatory testing for all the contact cases. At the same time, we shall also carryout testing for all persons in mandatory quarantine, who are coming in from overseas as well as those already here. #KomeshaCorona

ALL Kenyans???? should fully support the measures being undertaken by the government to deal with this deadly disease, as this is the only sure way to cut off transmission of this virus ?in our country. #KomeshaCorona

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