4 more test positive for Coronavirus coming to 126 – CS Mutahi Kagwe

4 more patients confirmed to have #COVID19. Total number of positive cases is 126. Youth now called upon to help bring solutions as we continue to fight the virus.

“Today we have four positive cases; 3 Kenyans and one Pakistani. We are monitoring 672 cases,” Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.


✔️New cases :4 (3 Kenyans, 1 Pakistani national)
✔️Samples tested :372
✔️Total cases :126
✔️1866 in mandatory quarantine

Positive cases of people already in our quarantine facilities rank the highest in the country & this poses a risk of more transmission, especially to those who have not taken seriously the distancing requirements within those facilities.

☑ Out of the 2050 people who were in mandatory quarantine, 1866 have so far been tested and only 184 are remaining .

I appeal to those in quarantined facilities to keep physical distance.

I urge the youth be part of the solution to the problem we are experiencing, CS Kagwe

The youth are the biggest component of our society and they are largely mobile; they have the energy and I appeal to them to unleash this energy to fight this the Coronavirus disease.

The youth are our center of the fight against this disease. It is a journey that requires the youth to take responsibility, Observe and be part of the solution to fight CoVid 19 and ensure physical distance is being observed…

We are urging any person visiting a supermarket or open air market to put on a mask to protect and prevent the spread COVID19; CS Kagwe

Let our youth be at the forefront of good behavior.

It is a personal responsibility to observe physical distancing.

Let us observe the guidelines that the Government has put in place by washing hands and avoiding gathering because it puts our lives and those of our loved ones at risk…CS Kagwe

CS Mutahi Kagwe: My sincere condolences to the loved ones of Cpt. Kibati of Kenya Airways who passed away this week & is to buried today in Kitui. Cpt. Kibati was the pilot who evacuated Kenyans from New York, America. He made the ultimate sacrifice, Kenyans owe him a great deal.

We send our condolences to captain Kibati’s family, who succumbed to COVID19; We owe him a lot. He evacuated the last flight from Newyork; CS Kagwe

CS Mutahi Kagwe: We are now able & capable to manufacture PPE’s. All health workers are secure going forward. The Ministry has operationalized KNH teaching hospital and we already have 20 people in isolation there.

Our laboratories particularly KEMRI are involved in serious research that would see Kenya manufacturer testing kits locally. – CS Mutahi Kagwe.

We have instructed medical teams to extend quarantine period for another 14 days, in facilities where quarantines breached protocols & went partying – CS Kagwe.

Kenya is lucky that the numbers are not increasing exponentially. “We believe the measures taken like the curfew and social distancing are having this effect,” CS Kagwe.

☑ Sadly,some went on partying sprees in the quarantine facilities, against the protocol. Ministry of Health Kenya has instructed medical teams to extend quarantine period in such facilities for another 14 days. Ministry of Health Kenya regrets the inconvenience that will arise from this.

We have operationalised and designated Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital as a COVID 19 facility. Currently 20 COVID-19 patients are admitted there – CS Kagwe

We call upon the youth to employ their energy in fighting the coronavirus disease. They are safer than the older people and the carriers who take it to the older people as has been witnessed in other countries~CS Kagwe

The youth should become part of the solution, stop traveling upcountry & organize themselves to engage in this fight, as they have done it before in other initiatives.

If the young people become the center of this fight, Kenya shall make strides-CS, Mutahi


Fellow Kenyans,

This afternoon we have a very short briefing as we seek to update Kenyans on the current status of Coronavirus in the country.

First and foremost, on behalf of the Government, the Ministry of Health and myself, I would like to send condolences to the family and friends, of the Late Captain Daudi Kimuyu Kibati of Kenya Airways, who is being laid to rest this afternoon in his rural home in Kitui.

As you all know, Captain Kibati was the pilot that flew the last Kenya Airways flight from New York to Nairobi on Wednesday 26th March 2020, before the Government ban on international flights took effect, as one of the key measures aimed at containing the spread of Coronavirus disease.

Captain Kibati, together with his colleagues in the Kenya Airways flight, took a major risk to go and evacuate Kenyans from America. He managed to evacuate many Kenyans and non-Kenyans from the USA back into the country only for him to succumb to the same disease. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

As we informed you yesterday, we are now able to locally manufacture personal protective equipment (PPEs), and therefore assure all health workers in the country that they are now secure going forward.

I wish to inform you that the Government has operationalized Kenyatta University Teaching Hospital and has received 20 patients related with the Coronavirus disease for treatment and quarantine.

We are urging any person visiting a supermarket or any open air market to wear a protective mask immediately to prevent transmission of the virus.

I wish to make a special appeal to a segment of our society – the youth. The youth being the largest component of our society, they are largely mobile, have the energy and have organized themselves into groups and saccos.

Glaring statistics show that the youth are the ones contracting the disease and then pass it on to the elderly people.

They should take certain measures some of which include not travelling upcountry, because by going there you might kill your parents or grandparents who are elderly.

I am aware that within our various community situations, there are many organized social and economic youth groups which include transport Saccos such as Matatu and Boda Boda Saccos, Sports organizations, Business and other commercial enterprise groups.

They need to use those networks because the youth are the ones who also take food to the market, and if they organized themselves in a similar fashion in fighting against the Coronavirus, we can reach a new impetus by ensuring the youth are at the centre of the fight.

We are not saying it will be easy, it will get rough as the old adage saying, when the going gets tough the tough get going. This is not a journey you can walk alone.

It is the responsibility of the youth to secure the nation. God in his wisdom has decided to place the youth at this particular time, so that they can take responsibility of this disease.

There is a generation that fought for independence and did it’s part, there are those who fought for the economy and the constitution. I appeal to you, it is now your turn as others have done, to protect this country.

If you don’t, you will suffer the most. There will be no jobs and a collapsed economy. It is you who will bury us in large numbers. However, the path ahead is clear, you have to be part of the solution.

The youth can organize themselves into groups and assist the security agencies to ensure people maintain social distance, among other measures we have announced in the fight against this disease.

Fellow Kenyans, in the last 24 hours we have managed to test 372 samples, out of which four (4) have tested positive for the Coronavirus disease. The four are three (3) Kenyans and one (1) Pakistani National.

In terms of gender three (3) are Male and one (1) is female. Two of them travelled from Malawi and Pakistan respectively, while the other two contracted it locally. Their ages range between 34 years for the youngest and 44 years for the oldest.

Out of the 2,050 individuals who have been in mandatory quarantine, 1,866 people have so far been tested and we are remaining with 184 individuals.

Contact tracing for those who have tested positive for the virus is ongoing, and to date 1,781 contacts have been monitored. We have managed to discharge 1,109 from our follow-up program after the expiry of 14 days. Currently, we are monitoring 672 people in our follow-up program.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have had cases of people testing positive in our quarantine facilities. This is likely to pose a risk of more transmissions especially for those who have been sharing the same facilities with the ones who have tested positive.

In a bid to further contain any transmissions arising from those in mandatory quarantine, we have instructed our medical teams to extend the quarantine period for a further 14 days for the respective individuals in those facilities that have such cases.

I know the move will be inconveniencing and we regret it but it is meant to secure Kenyans. However those in quarantine facilities the whole idea is to keep social distance.

On gatherings, I have noticed a relaxed attitude not to follow the government directive. However according to measures we have announced in line with the Public Health Act, no gatherings are allowed. We have also received information that there are about 600 people who want to come and meet here in Nairobi. That will not happen.

People must adhere to the measures we have given out which include curfew and handwashing among others. We are grateful to those who are taking them seriously, but those defying will only have themselves to blame.

I thank you.


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