5 more test positive of Coronavirus now 189- Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

We have managed to test 504 samples, out of this number, 5 have tested positive for Coronavirus disease. This now brings to 189 the number of confirmed cases in the country.

The five are all Kenyan Nationals; and only one has a history of travel from UAE. Three of the cases are in Mombasa while Nairobi and Nyandarua have one each.

1 of the cases came from our mandatory quarantine facilities, while the rest 4 were picked by our surveillance teams. The 5 are aged between 27 & 58 years. 2 are males & 3 females.

“l am glad to note that 10 additional individuals will be discharged from our Mbagathi COVID-19 Isolation Facility today. The individuals have tested negative twice for COVID-19 disease.

To date, 22 individuals have recovered from the disease.

As of today, a total of 2,054 contacts have been monitored, 1,481 have been cleared from the follow up program and 573 remain in the monitoring program. To date, a total of 6,192 samples have been tested.

The Ministry of Health_Kenya together with the @Environment_Ke & other Government agencies, have developed & circulated a protocol on COVID-19 waste management . All of us are advised to properly dispose the face masks to avoid contamination in line with the protocol.

Members of the public are advised to properly dispose the face masks to avoid contamination in line with the protocol.

To date, over 100,000 healthcare workers have been given COVID-19 related training. Over 4000 doctors across the country have benefitted from an e-based training on the same.

The Ministry of Health Kenya is enhancing testing and diagnostic capabilities and we are now able to undertake an average of 600 tests a day. This number will be scaled up in the coming days; CS Mutahi Kagwe.

To enhance our readiness at the Counties, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Kenya Power & Lighting Company will fast track connection of 3-phase power to our various County Facilities.

CS Kagwe:”I would like to confirm that today we have commenced the testing of all our medical personnel. This will go on throughout the country.”

We have consulted the Public Service Board and have agreed that that the hiring of 5000 health workers will be done by the County Service Boards (CSBs). All the applications should be channeled through CSBs; CS Mutahi.

We have noted with concern that people continue to disregard the advice on e-transactions. “l am asking you to take all measures to avoid exchanging notes & coins. Physical money presents surfaces that can easily be contaminated with the virus; CS Mutahi.

We mind you of the dangers posed by the handling of physical money in business transactions and encourage you to transact electronically minimizing handling of cash; CS Mutahi.

We have 10,000 PPE’s but we have not distributed them across the country. KEBS had to clear the materials we intend to use as local material which has been cleared. The capacity we have to produce is more than 30,000 per day.

“Let us pray for our Nation, so that we may get it right, and put this behind us,” CS Mutahi Kagwe.

To date, 1,619,073 have tested positive for the Covid 19 virus globally. Global deaths stand at 96,966.

We urge the mama mbogas, barbers salonists and matatu operators to keep in mind our past conversation in order to curb the spread of the virus.

We appeal to members of the public that the N95 masks should be left for the healthcare workers, the rest of the public can use the ordinary face masks; Wear a Mask all the time. Dr. Patrick Amoth, Ag. DG Health Services.

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