Meet South African DJ Khathu whose laughter Kenyans cannot get enough of

First things first, his name is Khathu Litshani and a South African comedian, Hip Hop DJ, MC and an event organizer.

He makes people laugh and dance for a living.

Here is his fans favorite video ??

DJ Khathu is popular for his funny videos and slang saying ” What’s happening baby ??” What’s bothering you baby ??? What’s popping baby???

DJ Khathu crowns himself as the funniest DJ in South Africa. As Kenyans do we agree?

In case you having a bad day he is the person to listen to and his laughter alone will crack you up no matter your gender ???

Did you spot him during his visit to Kenya?

One thing you gotta love about DJ Khathu is that he is always happy something to try and emulate during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Who laughs when eating a sugarcane besides DJ Khathu ??

He is truly a vibe and his funny laughter was used to make memes with Azziad Nazenya the Utawezana challenge viral video lady.

What’s your favorite DJ Khathu video and what do you like most about him?

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