9 more test positive of Coronavirus coming to 225 – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

Over the last 24hrs, 9 people have tested positive bringing the total number to 225. 10 people have passed on so far. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

✔️Over 800 samples tested
✔️9 new cases today
✔️225 total confirmed cases

All the 9, who have tested #COVID-19 positive,are all Kenyans??. The people who tested Covid-19 none of them has a history of travel and they were all in a quarantine centre. 5 from Nairobi and 4 from Mombasa. They are aged between 9 and 69 years old.

We also have 12 new discharges bringing the total number of people who have recovered to 53.

✔️12 people have fully recovered and been discharged
✔️53 total recoveries
✔️1 new fatality today
✔️10 total fatalities
✔️2366 people tested
✔️1911 released
✔️455 under follow up

There is no particular cure for coronavirus what we are doing is systematic management as per and how they present- Evanson Kimuri, KNH CEO.

We have discouraged movement generally even more so inter county movement. Let’s stay home as much as we can and avoid crowded places. We haven’t banned cross county movement at the moment apart from the ones mentioned by the President. The situation could change but remain vigilant.

We’re doing surveillance work in different parts of the country as we roll out the mass testing. It is going to be systematic and organized. So we hope we flatten the curve as the days go by.

We maintain that gatherings are still prohibited at the moment. We know that this directive is a crucial measure in avoiding the spread of the Coronavirus disease. So these directives work. Just by avoiding a crowd, you immensely reduce infection rates.

Today,we celebrate our front line heroes in the fight against #COVID-19 disease. Our health workers,medical staff &security forces across the country. They continue to make immense sacrifices.

The government is committed to protecting all our front line heroes &ensure that they are accorded the necessary support in the execution of their duties – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

I have dispatched a high level team from the Ministry to Siaya county led by the Ag. Director General for Health, Dr. Patrick Amoth to examine the status of the quarantine and isolation facilities in Siaya County as well as delivering PPEs supplies.

We are working around the clock to double our sample collection and testing capacity.

The Ministry of Health Kenya has received a consignment of;

✔️18,900 swabs & viral transport medium
✔️18,912 extraction kits
✔️3,790 medical disposable protective clothing,
✔️ventilation machines, thermometer guns and
✔️medical gloves

From Jack Ma

Through WHO we have also received Surgical masks, gloves, face shields, gowns from China, Germany and France.

We are requesting our civil society networks to equally vouch for the rights of the Police & also sensitize the masses on the importance of obeying the law.

The Ministry of Health Kenya commends the police for ensuring that the nationwide curfew is obeyed. The curfew has had several advantages, including less movement, less contact & fewer infections; CS Mutahi.

Our plea to all Kenyans is to continue observing the curfew and to lend Police their cooperation.

We also appeal to our religious leaders to counsel our people against domestic violence & sexual violence crime that are emerging.

“My appeal goes to Boda Boda operators to adhere to the outlined measures,” CS Mutahi.

☑The following will make a difference for us:
contact tracing,
social distancing,
face masks, and
basic hygiene.

We are aware that the game-changer in this will be mass testing,isolation &testing. This is because we will be able to isolate cases including asymptomatic ones in good time before they spread.

There are those Kenyans ??who are looking at our figures and celebrating early. Be reminded that we are NOT out of COVID-19 danger yet.

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