Kenya confirms 16 new Coronavirus cases now 262 -Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

Kenya has confirmed new 16 positive Covid-19 cases says Mutahi Kagwe. The total number of positive cases in Kenya now stands at 262.

In the last 24 hours, we have testes 1,115 samples.

Out of these samples, 16 have tested positive for #COVID-19

This brings to 262 the total number of confirmed cases in the country.

✔️15 are Kenyans, and 1 is foreigner.
✔️12 are males & 4 are females.
✔️9 are from Nairobi.
✔️5 Mombasa &
✔️1 Homabay
None has a history of travel and none is from quarantine centers.

9 are of the cases reported today are from Nairobi,
5 are from Mombasa &
1 from Homabay Counties.

They are aged between 23 & 84 years of age.

We have discharged 7 people today bringing the number of recoveries to 60.
We have lost 1 person bringing the total to 12.

Age group of positive the total 262 cases.
✅0-14 year olds 8
✅15-29 70
✅30-59 164
✅ above 60 year 20

✳️236 are Kenyans while the rest are foreign nationals.

Nairobi County has detected, isolated and hosted 73 percent of the COVID-19 cases in the country, followed by Mombasa, Kilifi and Mandera.

In Nairobi the cases are spread in almost all estates. ✅Kilimani (6),
✅Pipeline (5),
✅Karen (4),
✅South C (4),
✅Kawangware (3),
✅Tassia (2),
✅Utawala (4),
✅Kjtisuru (2),
✅Parklands (2),
✅Buru Buru (2) &
✅Kibra (2).

Other city estates have also reported at least one (1) case- Donholm, Eastleigh, Hurlingham, Lavington, Runda, Ngara, Madaraka, Kasarani & many more.

“I plead with all of you to take the measures we have announced more seriously; CS Mutahi Kagwe.

We are working with all other counties through Kenya Governors to ensure that, they are able to detect, isolate and treat cases that may be reported within their jurisdictions; CS Mutahi Kagwe.

This is not a time of cat and mouse games. Going forward, our level of discipline going forward will determine the number of people who will die. Some models say we can lose up to 28,000 people.

Coronavirus testing will now be rolled out to additional frontline workers.

Thanks to increased testing capacity, this will now include police, fire and rescue services, and prisons staff, among others.

We have started targeted mass testing and we are scaling it up. The testing is ongoing at KPA Mombasa.

I want to emphasize the Importance of Nutrition & physical activity to boost our immunity to overcome the disease better & speed up recovery of illnesses. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

We are advising all health workers to ensure they are wearing masks and PPEs at all times.
Please take all the measures we have announced seriously.

We have asked people to stay in Nairobi yet some are still managing to sneak out. We are saying stay at home, save lives, most of you want a lockdown, If we are so keen on a lockdown,why can’t you lockdown yourself in your house first?

A group from Nairobi travelled to Homa Bay for a fake funeral complete with an empty coffin to beat movement restrictions; now one of them has tested positive for Covid-19.
Remember that while you break the law you are also putting yourself at risk.

In the county of Mandera, there are people who bribed their way out of quarantine; both those who did that and those who let them off will face the full force of the law.
We must remember that we are a Govt that is governed by laws
We shall catch up with you.

If a relative passes on at home from a suspected Covid19 case, please don’t touch the body. Inform the police immediately and await further assistance from the authorities and health officials. Let’s stay safe.

Those who are traveling to bury a loved one, kindly report to the nearest police station with the burial permit.They will issue a form to fill which shall be signed to authorize movement.The same form should help you on your way back, procession shouldn’t have more than 15 people.

The measures MOH_Kenya has put in place, which include the targeted mass testing, offer us an opportunity to effectively fight this war, but only if we fight together, not against each other; CS Mutahi Kagwe.

We’re calling on our brothers & sisters in quarantine, to make a little sacrifice to be counted among those that helped keep COVID-19 at bay, than to be counted as the inconsiderate few who failed to appreciate the danger that this pandemic presents; Mutahi Kagwe.

The National Emergency Response Committee is fully appraised and is responding to the concerns of those in quarantine facilities; Mutahi Kagwe.

We are cautioning truck drivers smuggling people from one restricted area to another. The enforcement agencies will catch up with you; Mutahi Kagwe.

Members of the public are reminded that its dangerous to buy drugs from the markets or pharmacy shops, particularly during this time of Corona virus.
We are advising you to seek medical assistance if you feel unwell.

It is important for us to maintain social distancing when using public transport.

Boda Boda operators are cautioned against carrying more than one passenger. This is not the time to play for cat and mouse games; CS Mutahi.

We have been told the price is now KSh 20 for the single-use masks. The reusable ones are going for KSh 50. As you buy the masks, we request you to be vigilant and ensure that you buy a NEW mask.

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