#TBT photos of Bahati’s Diana Marua that will blow your mind away

Diana Marua back in the days. Do you recognize her? Photo: Facebook

Diana Marua alias Dee has come of age from being a petite commercial model and allegedly dating a few celebrities to the modern day woman she is.

Little did she know after being a vixen in Bahati’s video that they would end up together to the famous couple they are today.

Diana Marua modelling as a vixen who was Bahati’s Bride in the song Mapenzi. Photo: Facebook

Diana’s ex who cheated on her on that video shoot day as she confesses in her vlogs probably made it it easier for Bahati and Diana to date when Bahati made the move and asked her out.

Newzaleo.co.ke came across #TBT photos of Diana Marua before the fame that will truly have you appreciating the growth and transformation. Have a look:


Could you have recognized the girl if you met her back then? Photo:Facebook


Her face hasn’t changed that much though. Has it? Photo:Facebook


Diana Marua started to slay early back in the days.


Diana on that innocent pose. Photo:Facebook.


Sema Diana Marua kutoka mbali. Does she look familiar to you here? Photo:Facebook


Diana on a trip to the Coast. Photo: Facebook


Diana used to look dazzling as well back in the days. Photo: Facebook


The future was bright for the young lady. Photo:Facebook


Blue looks good on young Diana Marua. Photo:Facebook.


There is hope for anyone out there who worries too much about their future. Just believe the best will happen. Photo: Facebook


This probably used to be the signature pose back then. Photo: Facebook


The best for last. Photo:Facebook

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