Paskal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa confirm they are dating

The secret is finally out. NTV Crossover TV host Grace Ekirapa and Award winning Director, Actor, Musician, Comedian Pascal Tokodi are happily dating and in love. ??

The two love birds confessed their love to each other on Chrismas day as they wished each other a happy and lovely Christmas by posting each other.

Grace Ekirapa posted a video with her boyfriend Tokodi saying “Christmas will never be the same again ?????

I wouldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else @Tokodi??

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Blessings”

Pascal Tokodi in return posted her Queen Ekirapa with the caption ” You are my person ❤?

Which Grace Ekirapa replied, ” And you are mine”❤❤??”

We wish the two lovebirds all the best in their relationship and a prosperous future together. ????

The big question is would you hide or reveal your partner or love of your life from or to the public that you are dating?

Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi in a song together during their “wedding” when the rumors that they are dating first came to rife.

From we wish them many happy anniversaries together.?❤????

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