Kenyan man makes daring solo cycling ride from Kiambu to Kampala

Sam Kibiko bicycle which he used to cycle from Kiambu to Kampala. Photo: Sam Kibiko Facebook

A Kenyan man by the name Sam Kibiko has dared the odds by cycling alone all the way from Kiambu county to Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

This was a challenge he set to himself as a 2020 challenge dubbed as #Wazimuza2020

The man who lives in Kiambu, Kiambu county began the journey traversing all the counties from his home town to Kampala Uganda as his final destination.

Kiambu, Kiambu county where he began his journey. Photo: Sam Kibiko Facebook.

The journey took determined Sam five days cycling across the hills,slopes and valleys to Kampala in a journey of cold nights and sunny days.

Many of his fans could be seen in disbelief that Sam had managed to cycle all they way alone covering the many kilometres.

Sam Kibiko finally in Uganda on day 5 . Photo: Sam Kibiko Facebook.

Sam Kibiko who has a big helping heart cycled with his friends in 2019 from all the way in Busia to Mombasa as a fundraiser to support the needy students from Starehe Boys and Starehe girls by providing education to them.

Sam and his team on arrival to Mombasa,Kenya. Photo: Sam Kibiko Facebook.

Sam Kibiko and his team in the challenge known as #Gokibiko2019 covered 1103km kilometres in total from Busia to Mombasa on their two wheels.

Sam and his friends in Busia, Kenya- Uganda border before they began the 1000kilometres + ride. Photo : Sam Kibiko Facebook.

Sam Kibiko had also earlier in 2019 cycled from his home town in Kiambu to Nyahururu in 11 hours to see the Thomson Falls covering 183 Kilometres.

Sam Kibiko after arriving at the Thomson Falls in Nyahururu 11 hours later. Photo: Sam Kibiko Facebook.

Sam left Kiambu at 6:59am and arrived at Nyahururu Thomson falls at 5:59PM , 183.63 kilometres later.

Sam Kibiko when he began his journey that morning at 6:59AM. Photo: Sam Kibiko Facebook

How far can you cycle?

From us at is a big congratulations to Sam Kibiko and his team for his big strides, making records and generosity to the needy students.

We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

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