How to buy Airtel Airtime from MPESA seeks to answer common customers network of choice queries.

1. How to sambaza Safaricom Airtime?

There are two options users can Sambaza Safaricom airtime.

a) By using the SIM Toolkit then Safaricom MPESA menu then buy airtime where you get MY Phone or Other Phone.

If you want to sambaza or send to someone airtime it is highly recommended you write their number down to avoid making any errors if you have not mastered it off head.

You type and enter the phone number, enter the amount then MPESA pin then Okay and the airtime will be sent to whoever you wanted to Sambaza airtime.

b) Option two: you just press *140*amount of airtime you wish to send someone*phone number then end with a #

Eg: *140*20*0712345678# then dial the call button to load Sambaza.

The airtime is confirmed to be sent when received on the other end by the person you were willing to send to.

NB: The airtime you choose to send or Sambaza is usually deducted from the senders airtime and not MPESA.

2.How to buy Airtel airtime from MPESA

According to message sent from Airtel:

Conveniently buy airtime for your Airtel line! Use the Airtel Money or Mpesa pay bill 220220. Under account number or reference, key in your airtel number ,then PIN to complete transaction.

3.How to buy Telkom airtime from MPESA.

There are currently two options to buy Airtime from MPESA to your Telkom line.

From messages sent by Telkom Kenya.

A. To buy Telkom Airtime from MPESA you get 20% Bonus on top up with MPesa Paybill 777711, Enter Account No. (Your Telkom Mobile No) then amount. The Paybill belongs to Telkom Kenya Limited and the airtime is usually sent immediately on purchase.

B. Option 2 :
Use MPESA Paybill 256356 then account number (enter your phone number) then amount of airtime you wish to buy then PIN to complete transaction and airtime purchase.

The Pay bill number belongs to My Airtime Limited and a Bonus airtime is usually awarded with every purchase.

Note: Transactions charges apply but with MY Airtime Limited you get guaranteed airtime bonus with every large amount purchase from 20 Bob which becomes 1 Bob, and the transaction charge for 20 Bob is 1 Bob. (So it is like its rewarded to you back for any amount above 20 Bob).

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