How to file KRA iTax tax returns in 2020

How to file Nil returns

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), requires all Kenyans with a KRA pin to

File their tax returns on the iTax portal every year on time and beat the 30th June deadline!

Failure to file the returns on time attracts a 20K penalty.

Here is how to file your Nil tax returns in Kenya.

First KRA care recommends filing your taxes on a computer for efficiency.

Nil income tax returns is filed by university students or any unemployed Kenyan Citizen who is not earning or anyone earning below the minimum taxable income in Kenya Ksh. 12,000 before the new tax relief to cushion Kenyans against economic effects of Covid -19 pandemic which saw a 100% tax relief for persons earning gross monthly income of up to Ksh 24,000 effective 1st April 2020.

However all other tax returns for previous years will be filed as usual.

Here is how to file KRA nil returns online on your computer :

1.Search on Google for Itax- KRA which is the ITax online service area. The direct link to the website or portal is

2. Log in using your KRA pin. Then Continue, Enter your password,

In case you do not remember your password click on forgot password or Unlock account then do the arithmetic then submit and your password will be emailed to you on your registered email address.

Using the new sent password you can then reset and key in your new desired strong password that you can easily remember.

3. Once you log in update your professional details then proceed to the Returns menu at the top.

4.Scroll down to File Nil Return click it and it will take you to the Tax Obligations bar.

5. Select the Tax Obligation: Income Tax Resident and click next.

6. Enter the return period from and up to then Submit.

7. Ensure to tick to agree to the terms and conditions to be able to proceed.

8 Then download the Returns Receipt which shows you have filed nil tax returns successfully.

Here is a step by step tuitorial guide video on how to file your KRA Nil tax returns with no taxable income.

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