How to check electricity KPLC bill

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company is the company in charge of providing power and lighting to Kenyans.

Electricity being a basic need thus the need to always be connected to live your everyday life to the fullest.

Here is how to check your electricity KPLC bills.

The easiest way is to send an SMS with your account number to 95551 and in seconds you will get your bill that is due.

KPLC Kenya also has the E-bill e-mail service that enables you to check your electricity account balance and bill due date via e-mail. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Open a new e-mail message.
  2. Type the first part of your account number in the subject field. For example, if your account number is 998877-01, just type 998877.
  3. Email the blank message to bill(at) Within a few minutes you will receive an automatic reply with your account balance details and payment due date.

KPLC Kenya also has an app .

The Kenya Power App enables you to check your electricity bill or token on your mobile device. You can download the App from Google Play or App Store and enjoy many other services on the self-service menu.

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