Kenya most underrated Gengetone artists

The genge tone music wave took Kenya by surprise.

With Gengetone music hitting millions of views of YouTube new starts were created.
Kenyans saw the rise of top gengetone artist groups in Kenya such Ethic Entertainment, Sailors gang, Boondocks gang and the Ochungulo Family.

However there are still top gengetone artists that we think produce great music and are really talented but have not got the recognition and all the attention they truly deserve like the rest of the Gengetone artists.

Although this is opinionated and up for public debate share with us what what you think about the following listed artists if they are indeed underrated.

1.Seska -Ethic Entertainment

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Do your own thing on your own terms

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Seska the Ethic Entertainment artist is talented but doesn’t receive all the attention like his counterparts Rekles and Mtoto wa Eunice in the group despite his prowess.
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More hits coming. Buckle up

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2. Dmore-Ochungulo Family

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Mr nyonya. #nyonya #sambusa

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Dmore MR Ochungulo makes even the choruses for their songs but he has not yet become a household name like his duo counterparts Nelly the Goon and Alejandro Benzema in Ochungulo family.

3. Maddox- Boondocks Gang

Edu Madoxx releases some of the illest bars and lyrics in the group but Kenya has not yet given him all the recognition he deserves like his counterparts Odi wa Murang’a and Exray.

4. Vuva Vuva -34GVNG gang

The 34 GVNG gang President and founder Vuva Vuva deserves more attention than he gets for his talent and voice behind the Kenyan Anthem “Wabebe wabebe” that even Citizen 10 over 10 loves using.
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Wabebwe ??skilloo!! Waskie aaah aaah

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Wabebwe Skilloo waskie aaah aaah

5. Breeder – Bazenga Daddy.

The rapper who crowns himself as the best rapper in Kenya featured in Khaligraph Jones Khali Kartel 3 and has since released smash hits like Yes Bana freestyle, Ngege Ngege featuring Odi wa Murang’a and Ahendaro Benzema, Inde and Do Re MI with Alejandro Benzema David which has good views on YouTube.

6. Joefes

Joefes 254 name rose to fame and the limelight with his collaborations with Sailors Gang. Just like Sailors Gang saw talent in him we agree too. He deserves more attention and reception than he currently receives.
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#joefes254 #Joefesvevo

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The artist also released Vuvuzela with Bondoocks gang late in 2019 which had a good reception.

7. Gwaash – Mr Sponyo

The Wabebe hit maker does not yet receive all the attention he deserves.
He recently released a smash hit “Short and Brief” with DJ Creme Dela Creme, Frasha and Lyrical Picasso.
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Kata ?

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Who is your favorite artist on the list? Which artist do you think doesn’t deserve to be here?

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