How to survive and thrive in Njaanuary

The new notes introduced to Kenya in 2019 by Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge. Photo:Courtesy.

January that one long month that comes immediately after the long December holidays when netizens spend all their hard work savings the entire month.

Parents spoil their kids with new clothes and best of delicacies during the festivities, couples travel to their dream destinations forgetting the dreading Njaanuary.

Are you the one am speaking about?

Worry no more comes to your rescue on how to make your January easier and better with the following tips.

1. Reduce your everyday expenditure by saving every coin you can as it counts.

This calls for having to just mesmerize on the Nyama Choma and Pizza you ate daily and move to cheaper much healthy indigenous vegetables such as kales, spinach, vegetables, Managu etc which are usually cheaper this tough economic times.

2.Be an early bird. Did you know you pay half the fare when you wake up early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping before the rush hour begins.

3.Carry packed lunch to the office. You save on the amount you spend on buying your daily lunch as you enjoy your home cooked lunch.

4.If using your car everyday is not a priority or you own an SUV that is a guzzler consider using public means once in a while to save on the fuel charges.

5. Did you know you save a lot when you cook and eat at home that buying food from restaurants?

If you don’t live near a kibanda consider cooking at home where you also get to eat until you are full.

6. If you have unfinished work consider finishing and doing it at the office. Unknowingly this will help reduce your house bills such as electricity, water and internet charges which scale up when you are at home.

7. Do not go ahead borrowing loans from everyone and all lending apps as you might find yourself in deep debts that might be hard for you to pay.

If you have to borrow do it only to your limits.

8. Ease up on your lavish lifestyle. No no am not saying you do not enjoy the month of January.

Consider not buying the expensive “mizinga” or rather expensive alcohol drinks same as you took during the holidays.

The saves cash may come handy in settling your most urgent needs and bills before your next paycheck clocks in.

What other tips are you using to survive this Njaanuary? Share with us and we might add them to the list.

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