Hot 96 FM presenter Annitah Raey quits ,cites toxic bosses

Media Personality and motivational speaker Annitah Rey has left Hot 96, news she broke to her fans today. Despite the tough Covid-19 times and huge job losses the presenter choose herself and sanity over toxic bosses.

“So I resigned ??
Best decision I have made in my 30 years…
Toxic bosses is something I need to talk about…
Video loading ??” shared Annitah.

I have never ever ranted about my personal life online..
I have never ranted about my work either.. Am not about to start today ??

But I have learned to choose myself above any job because if I died today then someone will replace me tomorrow..
I choose my sanity ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have so many messages..
Thanks for the love ❤️❤️
I appreciate the hate ??
And I also appreciate the advice..

I wil still do that video.. Most people are worried I will ruin future employment..
I have never lied I won’t start today..
I will talk about toxic bosses ??

When someone pushes you to suicide..
Takes away the joy of life..
Makes you hate a job that gave you joy…
Then being silent about it is empowering that person..

I might not change anything but I will encourage anyone who has has toxic boss ???

We wish Annitah Raey all the best in her future endeavours.

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