Top successful businesses to start in Kenya

The new notes introduced in Kenya.

What most students are not taught in school is how to make their own money after completing their education.

The formal education system in Kenya for example teaches students to be employees rather than how they can be entrepreneurs, start their own business and be their own bosses.

Currently with the shortage of white collar jobs in the country it is up to graduates and the youth to come up with business ideas they can work on and in the future probably make millions and a decent living from them achieving their own dreams.

The key thing here is to identify a gap then start small and with time hard work pays. looks at the various business ideas anyone who is looking to be their own boss can venture into and make an income.

One can never go wrong with a basic need that people will have to buy every day and thrice a day to be specific. One can start the following and look at how they can do it differently to create an edge over competitors.
A butchery, a milk parlour, cakes shop, a hotel, fast food joint, smokie and eggs trolley, water parlour and a bakery. Various licences are however required to operate the business such as health and county licenses.

2. Barbershop or a saloon
Human beings love looking beautiful. Consider a beauty shop that offers services such as shaving men, blow dry, all about hair, pedicure, manicure, face scrub,make up artists, massage parlour.

3. A Hardware store: One needs to save money for rent, a licence, shelves, a counter display then choose a good location, and they can eventually stock with Ksh20,000 to 50,000 and scale up with time or depending with their initial capital.

4 A grocery store with fresh vegetables, fruits and fruits juice.
These are ideal at estates and near places where people stay as they will always come to buy fresh supplies.

5. Farming: Food always has a ready demand.
This is a perfect business opportunity for any entrepreneur willing to venture into agribusiness.
One requires a piece of land which they can lease at about Ksh10,000 per year and manure to boost soil fertility.
Crops that are easy to grow and do well include kales, spinach, courgette, capsicum, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberry , passion fruits just to name a few.
If one chooses to keep livestock they can practice poultry farming and keep layers for eggs or broilers for chicken meat , pigs, dairy cows, bulls for beef farming , goats and sheep, rabbits, bee keeping or dog rearing.

6. Set up a car wash:
It requires a small piece of land, water and car washing apparels and one can also add carpet cleaning depending on the available labour force they can employ.

7. Clothes, bags, handbags, caps and shoes.
Clothing are a basic need which people never get enough of.
Stock the best of clothes and shoes at affordable prices and you will be sure to make incredible sales day by day.

8. Printing, photocopy and Cyber Cafe.
This are popular in urban places or near campuses where you can make a dime.

9. Be an events organizer and offer MC services: This can come as a package that comprises food, music, tents, vehicles and decorations. With many life events and celebrations to choose from such as weddings, birthdays, dowry payments, funerals, company events and so much more if done well you will never miss clientele.

10. Ladies beauty shop with cosmetics: lipstick, ear rings, make up, weaves,nail polish.

11. Real estate.
If you have a lot of money saved and you would love to make smart investments buy land which you can build on or sell later at amazing profits.
In case you decide to build rentals being a landlord is one sure way you can make money while sleeping.

12. Garbage collection. With more people moving to live in urban places this creates a need for a disposal system.
Through contact with landlords you can be their garbage collector weekly and make a lot from it as you also sell plastics to second hand manufacturing companies and recycle kitchen waste into organic manure.

13. Taxi hailing apps.
With technology advancements the old taxi services have been interrupted by the new taxi hailing apps which you can take advantage of such as Uber and Bolt where you make money driving your own car.

14. Agriculture value addition. Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy which presents unlimited opportunities.
You can become an entrepreneur who adds value to food products to earn more from them such as making crisps from potatoes , yoghurt from milk, banana flour from bananas, coconut oil from coconuts, pumpkin flour from pumpkins, oil from seeds and so much more.

15. Travel agency.
People love adventures and travelling to new places to make memories.
Consider starting your own travelling agency that takes people to dream locations at affordable prices and amazing packages.

16. Entertainment.
As the saying goes work with no play makes Jack a dull boy.
You can come up with an entertainment lounge, night club , wines and spirits shop, kids games arena, horse riding, swimming pool, water games such as slides, events and concerts organizer, quad bikes riding and so much more that people are willing to pay for.

17. Driving school.
With many people buying cars there is a great need for people to learn how to drive and acquire driving licenses.

18. Selling snacks to drunk people at clubs or the popular streets,bus stops : One can earn a lot by selling mshikaki, samosa,chips, sausages and smokies at night outside popular clubs and lounges,streets and bus stops.

19. Popcorn machine. This is popular outside supermarkets, on the streets or near campuses where many people pass and are likely to make huge purchases.

20. Open a shop, mini supermarket or a supermarket.
If set up at the right place one is bound to make good profits from sale of home products that people require in every day life.
If possible make it operational for 24 hours to make more sales.

21.Laundry/dry cleaners
The well off in the society hardly wash their own clothes due to lack of time or they can easily afford to have them washed by machines.
Take advantage of this by setting up near places with well off people.

22. Electronics shop
People always want to live luxurious lives by acquiring the latest electronic equipment.
You can start by stocking the latest electronic equipments that people mostly buy such as radios, televisions.

23. Chemist or agro vet shops.
If you have any expertise with dealing with medicine you can set up a licenced chemist or an agrovet if you are conversant with livestock welfare.

24.Automobile or motorcycles spare parts.
You can set up a spare parts shop for vehicles and motorcycles near garages.

25. Setting up a Petrol Station
If you have enough starting capital you may set up a petrol station on a road that hardly has a petrol station nearby and enjoy a huge market of clientele fueling there.

26. Open a bookshop. If you live near a school you may consider opening a bookshop and stocking it up with the latest stationery.

27. Open a school, college or a training institute. By acquiring the necessary permits if you have a passion for sharing knowledge and skills to young students you may set up a school , a training institute or a college.

Business ideas or business to start are unlimited. Study your desired market or clientele and if you notice a gap ,research on how best you can fill it with your business.

Then draw a business plan and get to fulfilling your goal.

Have in mind that the advantages of starting your own business include increased income,the freedom of being one own boss and you get to do something you love.
You solve a problem and after analysing trends then researching you get to convert your passion into a business.

Which is your dream business?

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