Shakilla claims she is pregnant with Eric Omondi’s baby

No sooner had Eric announced his choice of his wife to be than all hell broke loose.

Eric Omondi has finally choose Carol of Band Beca as his wife to be. ???

Controversial socialite Shakilla who is new in the scene and was among the contestants has come out and spoken claiming she is pregnant with a princess, if her video is anything to go by.

Shakilaa: “Eric, we created a bond that none of us can ever deny. What I know is that I cannot allow this princess of mine to be raised by the streets and on the streets.”

Eric Omondi and Shakilla also seemed to have some great time during the wife material shoots.

Do you think Shakilla is really pregnant for Eric Omondi or it is just so soon? What will be Eric Omondi’s feedback to this?

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