14 Photos of Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna that prove they are East Africa’s most beautiful couple

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna in wanaona “Gere” song

Many people did not see Tanzania’s Finest and the best musician in East and Central Africa Diamond Platnumz Simba relationship with Kenya’s own Tanasha Donna coming to be.

The Rolls Royce Musician from Africa, Founder, MD and CEO of WCB Wasafi , Wasafi TV and FM and Zoom Extra proved all odds by revealing that Tanasha Donna is expecting and finally she gave birth to a handsome boy Naseeb Junior who was born on October 2nd 2019 sharing a birthday with Simba.

The couple celebrated this year’s Valentine’s in Naivasha where Diamond Platnumz was the lead performer at the 29th Edition Koroga Festival 2020 held at Hell’s Gate National Park,Naivasha.

On Wednesday Feb 19 Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz released a new smash hit that is already trending on top of the charts ” Gere” by Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz.

American Producer Swizz Beats has since been attracted by the song which he requested Diamond Platnumz to send it to him.

Here is the video:

Newszaleo.co.ke has complied a list of the most beautiful photos of Chibu Dangote best known as Diamond Platnumz Simba and Tanasha Donna that prove they are the most popular and cutest couple in East Africa.


Beautiful Tanasha Donna looking amazing on the new song Gere ft Diamond Platnumz.


A couple that supports each other stays together. Diamond and Tanasha Donna during the Donna Tella EP launch.


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Thank you for the Suit @Uncle_Shamte ??

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Simba looking dapper as ever in a suit.


Tanasha Donna bae Diamond knows how to murder fashion with his sense of style.


Ladies can your bae even?


Diamond be like money rains on me like…


Simba Baba Lao.


Can we talk about the hand bag later?


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@kimkayndo Wedding ???? Cc @speshoz

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Let’s talk about the suit. Dope right.


What do we call this filter?


Tanasha Donna pregnancy reveal to the world by Diamond Platnumz.


Do you dance with the love of your life?


Young, rich,in love and cute couple in deed.


Even during holidays they stick together even if it means dressing in the same apparel.

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