Billionaire Steve Harvey to meet Kenyan artist Collins Omondi for his pencil drawing of him

It all started with a Kenyan artist Collins Omondi Okello using his God given talent and prowess to draw using a pencil American billionaire and TV Host Steve Harvey.

In a piece of art that has since gone viral the artist quoted on Twitter as seen by that ” Hey @IAmSteveHarvey , here is a pencil drawing of you by me, with love from Kenya….hope you see it!”

This caught attention of Kenyan celebrities like Jalangoo who asked his fan base to mention and tag @IAmSteveHarvey until he sees the amazing piece of work.

Jalangoo Radio Co presenter Alex Mwakideo also joined in, in mentioning @IAmSteveHarvey.

Our God is a God of wonders and strength Collins dream bore fruit.

@IAmSteveHarvey responded to his piece of art and said as seen by that ” Everyone has a God given gift. This is is what following your gift looks like, just incredible ??

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Thank you @iamsteveharveytv

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As the saying goes when it rains it pours. It did not stop there Steve Harvey said “he is now looking for him and it would be his honor to have the piece of art…. what size is it and I’ll be in Joburgh and Botswana soon let’s hook up then,” he said.

Bonfire Adventures has since offered to pay for the Kenyan artist’s trip to meet Steve Harvey.

TV Host and Comedian Jalangoo has also promised to raise air fare and accommodation fees for Collins to deliver his pencil drawing to Steve Harvey to Botswana or Johannesburg in a an Instagram post as seen by

Collins Omondi now thanks his fans for the love and support he is getting. THANK YOU so much!! It is pleasantly unbelievable!??

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