How to avoid boredom and enjoy your stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that from effective Friday, 27th March, 2020; there would be a Daily Curfew from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. that shall be in effect in the territory of the Republic of Kenya.

He further added that Social Distancing is now our new norm, it is our new way of life.

President Kenyatta had earlier when announcing the 2nd and 3rd case in Kenya, said that “We are encouraging companies to let their workers to work from home unless they are offering critical or essential services .”
Staying at home seems like the safest way to avoid contracting the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19) through any interaction with any infected person. looks at ways you can enjoy your stay at home or be full of life as you work from home.

  1. Read through entertainment and lifestyle and other various categories stories about your favourite celebrities,vehicles and so much more. Knowledge is power be informed. You can read on the places you would love to visit in Nairobi, fancy hotels and restaurants to take your loved ones after the covid-19 pandemic ends and so much more.
  2. Read books and novels.
    Take advantage of this season to explore more of your reading hobbies finish as many novels and books as you can and you will be surprised how time flies. There are many book apps and free books to read online too.
  3. Pursue an online course or study on your course work
    For students this is the time to acquire more knowledge and skills.
    Read ahead of your lecturers or study for that extra masters or degree online at least now you have all the time you require.
    If you are a parent help your children study and be better in their education.
    For campus students and pupils study more on your units and subjects such that when you return back to school after the Coronavirus pandemic you will be the smartest student or pupil in the room.
  4. Watch your favourite TV shows, movies and series or listen to music. This is the time you might consider following on the local TV shows like Citizen Tv Maria if you cannot afford Netflix and if you can there are many movies and series to look forward to in 2020 such as Money Heist LA Casa De Papel and many more.
    If one of your hobby is listening to music, visit your favourite site to download and listen to music to enjoy the latest hit songs and mixxes that you love.
    Before you know it hours will turn into days, and weeks and the pandemic will be over and everyone back to their normal lives.
  5. Sleep
    You don’t probably need someone to tell you this but with the normal busy 9 to 5 schedules you probably hardly never get enough 8 hours sleep.
    Take the advantage now and sleep for as long as you can for healthy growth and immunity boost that you need.
  6. Exercise, dancing and yoga
    With public places such as gyms and yoga classes closed you can do them at home alone or ensuring you keep social distancing with relatives by not all crowding at one place.
    You can comfortably do sit ups,press ups, lift weights in your gym room or by your bedside, do yoga or dance at the sitting room.
    Feel free to take part in online challenges that are currently on such as Flip tissue challenge and so many more.
  7. House chores and cooking
    Fighting Coronavirus calls for hygiene among everyone by washing hands and keeping all places clean.
    Take your time cleaning your home, doing laundry, washing utensils and keeping everything clean and tidy.
    If you have a hobby cooking try out cooking new recipes for your loved ones you are with at home.
    You might unlock your potential and discover unhidden talents you might have been having all this long but had not explored them.
    You might find yourself starting a new side hustle career as a chef or a baker in the near future.
  8. Re-evaluate your 2020 goals so far.
    This is the time to access if you have fulfilled any goal or resolution you had set for 2020.
    Take the extra time to research on your business idea and goals on how you can achieve them better and outdo your competition after the pandemic ends.
    For any mistakes you may have made just know that what you do after is what matters most.
  9. Re- connect with your friends and colleagues online.
    The internet makes the world a small global village where through any social media platform of your choice you can communicate and keep in touch with anyone in this world at any part of the globe they are in.
    Take the first step and reach out to friends you haven’t spoken to in a long while.
    You never know something fruitful in the future might come from it in the near future.
    Don’t let pride keep you from sending that text, email or message if you value relationships.
  10. Play video games, phone games and games at home as long as social distancing is maintained.
    You have all the time to explore what makes you happy at home be it PlayStation, Video games and so much more. Enjoy them all now when you can and have all the time with you.
    What are you doing to kill boredom as you stay at home and self isolate from the general public? Share with us we might publish it as the next idea.

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