2 test positive of Coronavirus total now 191- CAS Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi

In the last 24hrs out of the 491 tests, only 2 have tested positive. One in Mombasa and one in Nairobi CAS Dr. Mwangangi. We continue to increase our capacity for testing but please let’s stick to Govt directives. Stay Home Stay Safe.

This now brings to 191 the number of confirmed cases in the country. One is a Kenyan and the other a foreign national. None has a recent history of travel.

The two cases were picked by our surveillance teams. One is aged 2 years and the other 32 years.

A total of 2,054 contacts have been monitored so far, out of which 1,546 have been discharged. A total of 508 contacts are being followed at the moment.

Out of the 191 cases, 109 are males and 82 females; 124 are aged between 30 years and 59 years. 50 cases are age between 15 years and 29 years; and 7 of the cases are aged 60 years and above while 2 are aged 2 years.

Today, two more people have been discharged from hospital. Cumulatively, this now brings to 24 the number of persons who have recovered & discharged from our facilities; Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, CAS Health.

Mass testing will be scaled up. The number of confirmed cases in the country is bound to rise. The country’s response to increased cases will be based on lessons learnt from other countries, as well as in consultation with @AfricaCDC @WHO.

7⃣ Matters pertaining to cost of accommodation in quarantine facilities will be reviewed on a case to case basis. The Ministry of Health Kenya is aware and is handling the issue of payment at Pride Inn hotel. This will be resolved amicably.

According to global coronavirus statistics, so far 1,700,435 people have tested positive for the disease & very quickly hurtling towards the 2m mark. Out of these, 480,000 people have recovered.

As at this morning, the global Coronavirus statistics indicate that the number of those that have succumbed to the disease, is 102,760 people.

This weekend marks our 100 days since the first case of COVID-19 disease was reported. Globally at least 1000 persons die daily. These huge figures. We want to keep these figure minimal in Kenya so kindly lets continue to observe the measures as advised by the Government.

The number of isolation beds is increasing day by day, thanks to our county governments; Dr Mercy Mwangangi, CAS Health.

We encourage all County Governments to continue upscaling capacity at all county health facilities to fight this disease.

Thanks Kenya Pipeline in coordinating the production and distribution of sanitizers. So far, 300,000 litres of sanitizers have been produced and sent to various Government Agencies and the Council of Governors for distribution to the counties.

As we continue to celebrate Easter Holidays in our homes, let us reflect on what we must do in order to contain the spread of infections & remember to wash our hands, observe social distance, wear face masks and stay at home; Dr. Mwangangi.

Let us not relent in complying with the Government directives so far issued. Let us continue to uphold these measures, and ensure compliance by ourselves and those around us; Dr. Mwangangi.

We acknowledge the contribution of all healthcare workers, for their continued commitment, and support in the mitigation efforts in different aspects of healthcare service provision.

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