17 more test positive for Coronavirus coming to 320- Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi

17 people have tested positive for coronavirus bringing the total number to 320.

Six people have recovered and have been discharged.

✔️668 samples tested
✔️17 positive cases today
✔️Total confirmed cases stand at 320
✔️6 recoveries today
✔️Total discharged and recovered stands at 89

All the 17 are Kenyans.
12 from Mombasa
5 from Nairobi.

15 were been picked by the surveillance teams.
2 are from the mandatory quarantine centers.

9 are males.
8 females.

They are aged between 22-60 years.

6 patients have recovered & have been discharged.

We now have a total of 89 recoveries.

However, we are also noticing a trend where we are getting newer admissions every single day. We are happy to announce that other than two (2) who are in ICU, the rest are mild cases and will hopefully be discharged in proper order of time.

✔The fact that we have many who have recovered from the disease, is an indication that we are capable of effectively managing and defeating this disease.

“Contracting #CoronaVirus is not a crime

ALL of us have a potential risk of contracting #CoronaVirus

Being on quarantined is neither a detention nor a punishment

Quarantine is meant to serve the greater public good…” Dr. Mercy Health

We are appealing to our security personnel & those charged with law enforcement including healthcare workers to exercise great caution & high level of understanding, when dealing with those in quarantine facilities.

Travel restrictions and curfew measures, that are part of our containment measures, are yielding results.

We would like to urge the public to continue adhering to these measures.

✔Let us continue to work together as one people & one Nation, we shall OVERCOME this pandemic.

Today we celebrate our local innovators who have gone out of their way with solutions to komesha Coronavirus.

✔We are glad that Kenyans are taking basic hygiene measures seriously. We are seeing wonderful innovations with regards to hand washing facilities, for instance, the step-osha.

✔While sanitizers are effective, soap & running water is the best for fighting this disease. People must therefore, start prioritizing washing of hands & only sanitize in exceptional circumstances.

We want our industries to focus on producing quality sanitizer products, so that we do not end up creating newer problems, while solving the COVID-19 problem.

Action will be take against public service vehicles defying social distancing regulation by carrying more than the recommended number of passengers.

The incubation period for COVID-19, i.e the time between exposure to the virus & symptoms onset, is on average between 5-6 days. This can be up to 14 days depending on an individual.

During the incubation period, also known as the “pre- symptomatic” period, some infected persons can transmit the virus. Therefore, transmission from a pre-symptomatic case can occur before onset of symptoms.

Studies have shown that in a small number of cases, some people have tested positive for COVID-19 from 1-3 days, before developing symptoms.

It is therefore possible that people infected with COVID-19 can transmit the virus before significant symptoms develop.

It is important to note that pre-symptomatic transmission still comes from the same channels; virus spreading from infectious droplets, or through touching contaminated surfaces.

While a majority of those infected eventually exhibit symptoms, there is a cohort, & the percentage averages about 60 percent in our case, that test positive for COVID-19, but are completely asymptomatic.

Though positive, they do not have any of the signs associated with the coronavirus such as fever, gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, breathing issues or coughing. World-over, we have seen that a majority of the asymptomatic are children and young adults.

☑Asymptomatic transmissions pose a challenge to the containment of COVID-19. Therefore,our frontline people;truck drivers,matatu crew, journalists, bankers,security&health personnel to wash their hands with running water and soap,& wear facemasks at all times.

When we rolled out our strategy to contain the Covid 19 disease, we placed quarantine measures at the core of our plan.Our plan was informed by the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and global best practices on the need to isolate suspected cases of exposure to the virus.

Since we suspended international travels, tracing of contacts has now moved to our communities. We are aware that the issue has generated a lot of debate.

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