7 more test positive for Coronavirus coming to 303 in Kenya – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

As at today, Kenya confirms seven positive Covid-19 cases from 707 samples tested, number rises to 303.

All the 7 are Kenyans.

6 from Mombasa,
1 from Nairobi.

6 from targeted mass testing &1picked by the surveillance teams.

5 are males 2 are females

They are aged between 21-61years.

None has a history of travel.

A total of 15,124 samples have been tested so far.

So far,Mandera County has 8 COVID_19 cases with the latest being 2cases of urban refugees.

Remember, a slight lapse in behaviour- like what we have witnessed in the last few days could easily roll back all gain we’ve made, and by effect the destiny of our nation.

This disease calls for our total & undivided unity.

The CS InteriorKE Fred Matiangi has chaired a special Session of the National Security Advisory Committee which has sanctioned…that there be cessation of movement by air and road into and out of the county of Mandera for an initial period of 21 days, commencing 7pm today, April 22, 2020,

Dr. Fred Matiangi : Following the increase in community-based COVID-19 infections in Mandera County, the Govt has sanctioned the following;

  1. That there be cessation of movement by air and road INTO and OUT OF Mandera County for an initial period of 21 days, commencing 7pm today – 22nd April,2020

Mandera becomes the fifth county to be slapped with movement restrictions after 8 test Covid-19 positive.

As part of the containment measures, the government has today directed restriction of movement into & out of Mandera county.

It is not just in KMTC where people are escaping from quarantine. Individuals know very well that they are in quarantine not prison, to protect themselves & those around them. Call police if you have information on someone who was in quarantine
Send a text to 988 its free to text

This past week alone, we have seen significant changes of infections in our own neighborhoods, where covid-19 cases in Somalia have multiplied nine fold in a week from 26 cases on April 13th to 237 by yesterday. In Tanzania, the numbers have swollen seven fold.

As a Govt our planning & actions are informed by global trends & our own analysis. A slight lapse in behavior like the ones we have witnessed in the last few days could roll back the gains we have made so far & by implication, the destiny of our nation.

We can defeat this disease if we exercise self discipline and if we become our brothers keeper; CS Mutahi.

Help us to to help you by reporting those who escaped from the quarantine centre KMTC . People need to police themselves in such matters as this.

Let these people surrender themselves; CS Mutahi.

This is not a government disease. It’s for everyone. Those who are helping us, are those we are following the measures we have put in place; CS Mutahi.

Mass testing is ongoing targeting high risk areas including health workers .

We are concerned about mental health and we established a counseling framework. Please call hotline 1199 if you need help.

His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the National Command Centre on the Coronavirus Pandemic to immediately review the enforcement of public health measures in Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi. The results of this review will be announced in the next 48 hours.

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