24 more people test positive for Coronavirus now 435 in Kenya- Health CAS Dr. Mercy Mwangangi

In the last 24 hours, we managed to test 1,195. Out of these, twenty four (24) people tested positive for Coronavirus, This is the highest number of positive cases we have recorded since the first case was reported.

Out of these cases, seven (7) are from Kawangware. This brings to twenty (20) the total number of positive cases in the area.

Ten (10) cases are from Eastleigh, bringing the total number in this area to twenty one (21).

Five (5) are from Mombasa. This brings the total number in Mombasa to one hundred and twenty nine (129).

The last two (2) cases are from Kuria West, Migori County.

These two had a recent history of travel from Tanzania.

The five (5) cases in Mombasa are from Mikindani (2) cases, Mwembe Tayari (2) cases and Shimanzi one (1) case. This now brings the total number of positive cases in the country to 435″. – Dr. Mercy Mwangangi (CAS Health)

“The age brackets of the new COVID-19 cases are; 1-19 years of age are 4, 20-39 years of age are 14, 40-60 years are 6. In terms of gender, ten (10) are males and fourteen (14) females”. Dr. Mercy Mwangangi (CAS Health)

“I am saddened to inform you that we have lost one (1) more patient from Mombasa. This is a 51 year old woman who had been admitted in hospital on 27 April 2020 with an underlying condition.Let me take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt condolences to her family,
Our total number of fatalities now stand twenty two (22)”, CAS Health

“On a more positive note, I am also delighted to inform you that we recorded two (2) discharges who tested negative on two different occasions after treatment. The total number of discharges now stand at 152”. CAS Health.

The testing of 7 new cases in Kawangware yesterday is a testament that the virus is now domiciled within us.

If we don’t adhere to these measures, this disease will spread very quickly within our communities; Dr. Mwangangi.

We have observed that people are beginning to behave like the threat posed by #COVID19 is behind us. Human & vehicle traffic is back to normal, as many people are getting back to work despite our appeal to work from home.
This is a dangerous trend; Dr. Mercy

We are looking at having people who have recovered from #COVID19 becoming our champions to fight stigma.

We are encouraging take away services in hotels.

We shall be undertaking inspections to ensure all hotels comply with the protocols provided.

We are reminding business outlets such as cyber cafes, butcheries, take away shops, markets, salons & barber shops that they must strictly observe the measures outlined by the Ministry of Health, failure of which they shall be closed; Dr. Mwangangi.

We have noted that our hospitals are recording abnormally low visitations by the sick.

We know we have sick people amongst us, and we urge them to seek medical assistance in our facilities.

“Our targeted testing approach is showing that this disease is now firmly rooted within our communities. The numbers we have recorded in the initial days of the exercise confirms this. It is therefore important that, in order to break the cycle of transmission within our communities, we must strictly observe the containment measures, particularly of social distancing that we have persistently advocated for, If we don’t adhere to these measures, this disease will spread very quickly within our communities” CAS Health.

“There have been concerns raised as pertains to the situation in our quarantine facilities. The Ministry has taken note and is working to ensure a comfortable stay for those quarantined. In light of the anticipated surge in our numbers, we must now begin serious conversations around the issue of our quarantine system, including the possibility of home quarantine for those who are able. The Ministry will be issuing specific guidelines on this, in due course”. CAS Health.

The Ministry of Health Kenya is looking for measures that can be put in place to ensure that quarantine is not costly to mwananchi.

Our appreciation goes to all individuals and corporates that have provided different kinds of support to the effort against COVID-19. We continue to appeal to other well-wishers to come forward and provide support.

The Ministry of Health, public health officers today carried out a massive fumigation and disinfection exercise in Kawangware to prevent community spread of COVID-19. Currently, the area has 20 positive cases.

Random checks in Kawangware, revealed people wore masks, but the masks were hanging by their noses and sanitiser bottles were still quite full. Kenyans are yet again asked to follow containment measures so we can overcome the pandemic.

✔️We have 214 patients in hospitals across the country
✔️only one is in critical condition
✔️The rest are in stable condition; Dr. Patrick Amoth, Ag. DG Ministry of Health.

We expect a surge in our numbers and moving forward we require more quarantine facilities; Ag. DG Dr. PatrickAmoth

What is the best way to wash hands;
✔️Wet your hands with clean running water
✔️Use soap & lather up for 20 seconds
✔️Make sure you get in between your fingers, on the back of hands & under nails & wrists
✔️Rinse & dry well with a clean towel.

Everyday is a crucial day in our fight against Covid19. We seem to have slackened off abit in the recent past by resuming life as normal. Our current is NOT normal. Let’s remain vigilant or it will cost us dearly.

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