45 new Coronavirus cases in Kenya now 535 – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

✅45 people have tested positive of Coronavirus the highest to be recorded
✅29 cases from Nairobi, Eastleigh – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe
No one is immune to the virus and no one should be stigmatized because of #COVID19

✳️Cumulative figure of positive #COVID19 cases stands at 535

✳️In the last 24 hours, out of 1,077 samples tested, 45 people have turned positive for Coronavirus,the highest number ever since the first case was reported on 12 March, 2020.

Out of 45 positive cases;
✳️29 are from Nairobi,
✳️11 from Mombasa,
✳️ 5 are from Wajir,
✳️ 1 is a foreign national from Somali.

The five from Wajir have a history of recent travel to Mogadishu.

Age distribution of the new cases;
✳️ 2 years for the youngest ✳️87 years, for the oldest.

✳️30 males
✳️15 females.

The distribution reflects the global figures which show that more men than women are getting infected.

✔️Today we have recorded 9 new discharges.
✔️We now have 182 recoveries from the disease.

Community spread is being recorded highly in three places; Eastleigh, Kawangware, and Old Town Mombasa. In total, Eastleigh has 63 cases, resulting from mass testing that has been taking place in the last 24 hours, Kawangware 24 and Old Town 39.

Cumulative distribution of cases in 3 specific areas in the country:
✳️Eastleigh 63.
✳️Kawangware 24.
✳️Old Town in Mombasa 39.

The figures show that the disease is fast spreading in these areas. Thus the importance to test, trace & treat; CS Kagwe.

In order for us to succeed in this war, everybody’s support and cooperation is critical.

We must avoid behaviours and practices which stigmatize persons who have either contracted or even recovered from the Covid-19.

Stigmatisation is happening to people who have either gotten into contact with a person who tested positive or to people who have recovered from #COVID19. We are asked to be understanding & have sympathy to these persons as it could very well be you in those shoes.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has pointed out that some people are taking advantage of the reopening of restaurants and eateries.

People have been going to eateries to order one sausage with two beers, anaingia hoteli ingine anakunywa beer mbili na sausage ingine ~ Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

We don’t regret reopening restaurants and eateries, it was an effort to see that Kenyans do not go hungry.

Closing them all together is one of the measures on the table.
Responsibility starts with you and me.

The Bible says “Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray,”
Proverbs 10:17

Our destiny as a people is now bound in both collective and individual response to this pandemic; Sen. Mutahi Kagwe.

When we allow our colleagues, relatives & friends to abuse containment measures that have been put in place, we weaken our collective chances against flattening the curve.
We can stop this tide through our collective strong will, discipline, determination & timely moves; CS Kagwe

This pandemic has completely altered our way of life. I cannot promise you that life will be the same in the near future. What I know is that if TOGETHER WE stay focused, we shall surely overcome and get our lives back; Sen. Mutahi Kagwe, CS Health.

The figures we are hearing today are a clear indication that things are not getting better… those exhibiting indiscipline and leading others astray are becoming a common phenomenon.

“Today we are celebrating the International Day of the midwife, whose theme is: Midwives with women: Celebrate, Demonstrate, Mobilize, Unite. The day is celebrated on May 5th annually all over the world. Midwives are the primary care givers for millions of women and newborns before, during and after childbirth, and also offer women and girls essential counselling and education on reproductive health”.

As frontline health workers, midwives are particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus disease. This means that pregnant women and babies are at high risk too. We are taking action to ensure they are all protected; CS Mutahi Kagwe.

The Ministry of Health Kenya acknowledges the support provided by organizations like United Nations Populations Fund, UNFPA in scaling up midwifery services & supporting training efforts.

They ensure our midwives provide life-saving interventions to women & babies & also educate them against stigmatization…

Midwives play a critical role in responding to public health emergencies like #COVID19.

They are essential to ensure safe pregnancies & births for everyone, everywhere. The work they do is priceless.

Happy #IDM2020

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