23 new Coronavirus cases in Kenya now 672- Health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman

In the last 24 hours, 1,056 people were tested out of which 23 more people have tested positive for Coronavirus. This brings the total number of positive cases to 672. 22 are Kenyan and 1 is Burundian.

In a summary the COVID-19 UPDATE in Kenya is as follows :
✔️1,056 samples tested today
✔️23 positive cases today
✔️Total confirmed cases stand at 672
✔️32 recoveries today
✔️Total discharged and recovered stands at 239
✔️2 fatalities today
✔️Total fatalities stand at 32

✅overall number of samples tested 32,097

Distribution of cases by counties;
✅12 in Mombasa,
✅6 in Mandera,
✅4 in Nairobi, and
✅1 in Kajiado.

✅20 cases were picked by our surveillance teams,
✅3 cases are from mandatory quarantine facilities.

Nairobi cases are from;
✅3 from Umoja,
✅1 each from Komarock
& Pipeline.
✅2 from Kisauni,
✅2 from Likoni,
✅8 from Mvita.
✅3 Mandera East,
✅1 each from Elwak, Mandera North and Mandera West.
✅1 case from Saina Estate.

Today’s cases age group range between one year nine months for the youngest, and 80 years for the oldest.

13 are males, while 10 are females.

We have registered the highest number of people who have recovered from COVID-19.

Today we have discharged 32 people from hospital. This now brings to 239 the total number of recoveries from Covid-19.

The recoveries would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our healthcare workers, some of whom work under very difficult conditions. We salute you; Dr. Rashid Aman.

As we celebrate the recoveries of 32 people, the global situation still indicates that COVID-19 can very easily overwhelm healthcare systems, if containment measures are not adhered to;
Dr. Rashid.

Experience of other countries has proven that behavioral factors, in addition to other interventions, play a large part in slowing down the spread of infections.

We are saddened to announce 2 new deaths from Mombasa and sent our condolences to the families & friends of the deceased.

Let us refrain from stigmatizing people who have tested positive for Coronavirus. We are all vulnerable to getting the disease; Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti.

The requirement of regular hand washing, maintaining social distancing, proper wearing of masks, basic hygiene standards and staying at home, must now become part of our everyday lifestyle.

I want to thank the many Kenyans who have strictly observed these measures and regulations for their cooperation, which has contributed to the achievements we have registered so far; Dr. Rashid Aman. .

This disease is real. We us Kenyans should embrace these measures of social distancing and washing of hands because they are going to save us from death or give us life; CS Tourism Najib Balala.

My brothers and sisters in Islam if you break the fast don’t mingle or engage in common feasting as a group. We must discontinue those rituals to stop the transmission of Coronavirus; CS Tourism Najib Balala.

This year taking out mum for a special meal might not be possible because of Coronavirus. If you can’t visit her in person, you can still make her smile with a heartfelt message.

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