23 more test positive for Coronavirus in Kenya now 781 – Health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman

In the last 24 hours 2100 samples were tested out of which 23 people have tested positive. This brings the total number of positive cases to 781.

Distribution of positive cases per county:
✔️Nairobi – 11
✔️Mombasa – 5
✔️Kajiado – 3
✔️Kiambu – 2
✔️Wajir – 2

Cases in the estates are spread as follows;

Embakasi 6
Kamukunji 2
Langata 2
Starehe 1

Mombasa; all 5 are from Mvita.

Kiambu; all 2 are from Thika.

Wajir; all 2 from Wajir East Sub County.

Kajiado; one case each from Namanga border and Ilbisil in Kajiado Central.

Distribution of cases
✔️Embakasi (6),
✔️Kamukunji (2),
✔️Langata (2)
✔️Starehe ( 1 ).
✳️Mombasa (5) cases from Mvita.
✳️Kiambu (2) cases from Thika
✳️Wajir (2) cases from Wajir East Sub-County
✔️Namanga Border point (2) ✔️Ilbisil (1).

Gender of the positive cases;
✳️5 females,
✳️18 males,

Age range
✳️24 years for the youngest ✳️85 years for the oldest.

✳️lost 3 patients.

We have not seen any unusual manifestation (multisystem inflammatory syndrome) among any of the Covid-19 patients in Kenya as reported among children in the US.

We are using a nucleic acid-based test which indicates positive when coronavirus is present. Rapid diagnostic tests based on antibodies have a problem of specificity- inability to pick pathogen tested for leading to false positives. Anti-body tests need to be re-looked

On Covid-19 testing at the borders: We are doing all we can to cut down on waiting time.

The molecular-based test can take 5-8 hours to get results. There will still be delays but truckers have to wait for results before proceeding with their journey.

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