51 more cases, 22 recoveries as Coronavirus cases in Kenya rise to 963 – Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

Of 1,933 samples tested, Kenya confirms 51 positive cases today.

19 are female and 32 are male aged between 2 years and 63 years.

There are zero new deaths.

New deaths 0; total number fatalities 50 (38 male & 12 women) Update by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

In the last 24 hours;
▶️1,933 samples tested
▶️51 cases tested positive
▶️22 hospital discharges today
▶️358 total recoveries

Case load summary shows that the most infected age group is between 30 to 49 years.

As at May 19, 2020 Kenya has;
▶️963 confirmed cases.
▶️358 recoveries
▶️50 fatalities

Across 22 counties

Out of 963 total cases, 343 are female and 569 are male.
The most affected age groups are between 20 – 49.

20 to 39 year-olds have been found to be Covid-19 carriers as men account for 62% of Covid-19 cases in Kenya.

Distribution of cases: top 10 counties
▶️Nairobi 470
▶️Mombasa 331
▶️Kajiado 43
▶️Mandera 18
▶️Kiambu 17
▶️Wajir 16
▶️Migori 14
▶️Kilifi 10
▶️Kwale 7
▶️Kitui & Taita Taveta 5 each

We have identified hotspot areas such as Mvita in Mombasa county which has the highest density.

Others areas are Kamukunji, Dagoreti North, Embakasi East, Langata in Nairobi county among others; CS Health, Mutahi Kagwe.

▶️76% of the COVID-19 fatalities cases are men compared to 24% women.
▶️ The most affected age-group is 60 and above
▶️ most deaths occurred in Mombasa county followed by Nairobi.

Mombasa county has recorded more Covid-19 deaths in the country because they essentially don’t seek medical attention; die at home.

In Wajir, 14 of the 16 cases recorded in the County had crossed from Somalia while two individuals who have tested positive in Garissa were also from Somalia.

Out of 214 positive cases recorded at the Kenya -Tanzania border, 182 were foreigners & were sent back.

Out of 214 cases detected at Kenya – Tanzania border, 182 are foreigners.

On our side of the border, we have cleared the backlog of truckers… The reason why on the Tanzania side there is a backlog is because they have not been tested. At a great cost to us, we have to test them because they are our brothers before allowing them in.

Each truck driver must be subjected to coronavirus test.
Cargo trade will continue as we continue to engage with Tanzania on the same; CS EAC, Adan Mohamed.

We are keeping track of cargo movements from our border points. We are aware few trucks have been denied entry into Tanzania. We have not stopped processing trucks coming into Kenya from Tanzania. We are working to resolve these isolated cases quickly.

Numbers don’t lie . I am appealing to my muslim brothers to maintain social distancing as we approach the festival season; CS, EAC & Regional Development Adan Mohamed.

▶️ Kenya has 963 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
▶️Uganda 227
▶️Somalia 1,421
▶️South Africa 15,515
▶️US 1.49 million

As of May 18, 2020 there are, 4,618,821 Confirmed cases of COVID – 19 globally with 311,847 related deaths.

COVID-19 is not an MOH issue but a coordination of the whole government approach.
Our focus is on:
✔️Targeted testing
✔️Increasing lab capacity
✔️Travel restrictions
✔️Psychosocial support
✔️Establishment of functional quarantine at isolation facilities .

COVID19 testing capacity is being scaled up.

From the initial 2 labs in Nairobi we now have 20 labs in 10 counties.

We have 20 labs conducting the Covid-19 tests; 17 are public and 3 are private. We have verified these labs and we are sure of their testing results.

We are committed to fighting this pandemic before it overruns our system; CS Health Mutahi Kagwe, COVID -19 situation report.

Key strategies to fight coronavirus:
▶️enhanced screening along border points
▶️activation of labs in Busia, Wajir, Namanga, Naivasha
▶️Nyumba Kumi Initiative
▶️Multi-agency teams

These are the National Emergency Response Committee (NationalERKe) response strategies that offer significant opportunities to stop the spread of #COVID19 in the country.

This is the reason why you should adhere to the social and physical distance measures.

This is how one Covid-19 positive case can lead to so many transmissions.

The goal of travel restrictions was to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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