How to beat traffic in Nairobi and major cities in Kenya

Nairobi traffic at its best. Photo:courtesy

With many people buying cars on the Kenyan roads the more traffic is experienced in our major cities and topping the list is Kenya’s capital city Nairobi.

Millions are lost each day as commuters get stuck in traffic and have to wait in one place for hours for it to clear before they can get to their desired destinations.

Although efforts have been made to try and ease up the traffic congestion little can be seen to change.

A traffic clear day still remains a dream to be achieved. has compiled a list of ways everyday commuters can use to beat or avoid traffic in their daily travels around the major cities in Kenya.

1.Be an early bird.
As the saying goes the early bird catches the worm and true to the word is the fact that early risers hardly experience any traffic congestion as they travel.

Try it out tomorrow and confirm to us if you will get to work in quarter the time you normally take in the rush hours.

You get to save your time thus deliver more at work as you are still refreshed and not tired from traffic fatigue and definitely not miss the early morning office breakfast.
Another advantage is that you will be best friends with the boss as you are never late for meetings and you always make it to the office on time.
The bombshell is that you get to save your hard earned salary as you spend half the fare.

2. If you are a driver consider using alternative routes.
Kenya infrastructure has truly come of age with the construction of by passes which help largely in reducing traffic to some designated areas.
Take advantage of this and better cruise at 80km/hr on a bypass than 10km/hr at a traffic for hours.
This will benefit you by saving on fuel thus get extra money to spend on other needs.

3.Try and avoid travelling at rush hours at all cost.
Try and reschedule your daily time table such that you are rarely on the road at rush hours.
You may consider travelling home past 7PM at night thus spend lesser time on the road if you come from a safe neighborhood.

Nairobi traffic at rush hour at night. Photo:Courtesy

If you planning to visit a friend or run an errand in the major cities consider doing it at the off hours from 10am to 3pm when rarely is much traffic experienced.

4. Avoid getting into the major cities during busy weekdays unless you really have to and move it to the weekends.
The official working days for most people is usually from Monday to Friday when the busy traffic congestion is experienced.
Having this in mind you may consider going to pick up ,buy that desired electronic, go for that date during the weekend and save yourself the fatigue from traffic delays.

5.Take advantage of other means of transport such as trains or motorcycles which hardly experience any traffic delays.
With President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Ruto under the Jubilee government constructing the Standard Gauge Railway things are about to change.
If you live near the SGR take advantage of their fair fare prices and get to work or your desired destination on time.
With the oncoming of new motorbike hailing apps such as SafeBoda take advantage of their safe, affordable and convenient Safe Boda that beat the traffic at its own game.

6.If you were born with a silver spoon consider acquiring a helicopter or a chopper that you can be using to travel around the city and get to work or meetings in minutes.
The wealthy folk have been known to buy and own their own helicopters which they use to move around in way much lesser time.
Most major state of the art buildings in Nairobi have a helipad which you will comfortably land on and park your plane for the day.
But this as we all know is for the lucky few but however dream big ladies and gentlemen.

7. Make use of God’s free gift legs. Walk.
If you happen not to work so far away from your home ever considered a little exercise by walking to work.
You might be blessed to own a car or have enough bus fare but what about saving ample time by just walking to work or to a nearby desired destination therefore not experiencing any traffic.
This will also be healthy for your body as you get to break down calories and keep fit hence you might not need to visit the doctor any time soon.

8.Last but not least as the saying goes time moves so fast when we are having fun.
This is not a solution to beat traffic but rather how to make good use of the long hours spent on it.
If you love reading novels, browsing online platforms such as reading take advantage of the traffic and get reading as you stay informed and enjoy our wide variety of stories that you love.
Sooner you will be surprised how time flew and you are already at work.

Do you have any other tactic that you use to beat traffic? Kindly share it with us and we might add it on the list just for you.

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