The best Valentines gift ideas for your loved one

A bouquet of flowers and chocolates as a Valentines gift idea.

Celebrated every 14th day of February each year Valentine’s Day is the day set aside for lovers to celebrate their love for each other.

If you are single you may celebrate the close people in your life who make it worthwhile.

Lovers go beyond their limits to prove their love for their love ones with various gestures to show them that they really love them and they are the best things in their lives.

How long you have been with your partner should help you know the love language of your pattern what she likes and values most. has come up with a list of the best Valentine’s gifts you can buy your lover on this special day.

1. A bouquet of flowers
Majority of girls love flowers.
Depending on your girl you can know if she loves the red roses or white flowers and the scent she prefers.
This will definitely make her Valentine’s Day especially if they are sent to where she will be most probably in front of her girls with an embedded love message from the guy.

A bouquet of flowers and chocolates which most ladies love and cannot get enough of.

2. Chocolates.
Most ladies love the taste of chocolate in their mouth.
You can never go wrong with a bar of chocolate to woo your girlfriend and especially on Valentines day. Isn’t it true ladies?

3. Shoes.
If your partner is into fashion consider surprising them with a pair or pairs of the latest fashion trend shoes they have always wanted.
This will go a long way as they will be remembering about you every day or time they wear them.
You may also add a belt to that suit you get your man to be matching with the shoes.

4. Perfumes
We all love somebody who smells good.
Grab the opportunity you can gift your partner the perfume of how you would want them to be smelling every day.
They may even like it and it be their permanent perfume of choice which will be a double win to you.

5. Clothes: Dresses or suits,shirts for men. Maybe there is this dress your lady has always admired or a suit or shirt your guy has always wanted get them the day before so that they can put it on Valentines day by placing it on the bed on Valentines day morning such that as they get out of shower they can wear it or that evening.

6. Bracelets, necklaces, anklets or watches.
If your partner is the kind of a person who loves jewellery on their hands,neck, feet consider getting them that precious watch, necklace, bracelet or anklet that will definitely make her day.

7. Dinner date.
Actions speak louder than words.
Take her to her favorite restaurant or food joint or eatery and buy her favourite dishes and she might be the happiest woman that day.
For gents, ladies you might want to cook his favourite dish at home then ask him if he would love to eat before he eats or eat after he eats. If you know you know.

8. A romantic movie at the theatre or in house.
If your partner is into movies how about you get tickets to the latest romantic movie in town.
If they are an indoor person you may buy to watch at home with popcorn that Valentines evening.

9. A road trip.
If you two are adventure junkies you may take a road trip down the memory lane to a designated destination either in the wild, game park ,an excursion or camping as long as its special to you two.

10.A Concert
If you two are die hard music lovers take your partner to that over hyped concert that will be taking place on Valentines day.
Ensure to get the tickets in advance for fairer prices and to ensure you do not miss entry come D- day.

11. Dream Car
If you are rich and blessed how about buying the love of your life their dream car.
This is not only for men buying ladies even ladies feel free to blow the mind of your man with that exclusive car they have always wanted.
This may make them be faithful and be loyal to you for life.
Get it in their favourite colour as that will make them feel loved, thought of and very much appreciated.

12.House gift.
If how to spend money is your problem how about getting a dream house for your life partner.
Get to save them ever paying rent in the future by getting them a house or apartment you two can share and be living in happily ever after.

No matter your pocket strength do not be overwhelmed by pressure on Valentines Day.
Spoil your partner according to your financial strength least you get into debt as you try to surprise them.
Remember it’s the feeling that counts no matter how big or small it is.

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