How to know she likes you

Flowers are usually considered as symbol of love among women.

Love is elusive. In this lovely earth you definitely do not want to be lonely or spending Valentine’s Day alone each year.

The need to get a lady of your dreams is almost every man’s dream.

Although in most cases money seems to be a determinant in getting your dream woman it is not always the case.

You do not need to be a millionaire or the richest man on earth to get the the lady of your dreams. looks at five ways to know if that girl or lady you have a crush on, likes you as well and you can now make next your big move.

1.Strong eye contact.
A lady who is interested in you maintains eye contact with you any time you meet.
Be it the first time or many times she simply can’t get enough of you and loves looking at you to signal you she is interested.
However this may backfire if she thinks you look familiar thus stares to try and remember where she saw you from.

2.Touching or playing with her hair.
Women love attention.
She may intentionally play or touch her hair to draw your attention to her.

3. Smiling .
People naturally smile at people they like.
If she smiles at you with a wide smile and is probably shy she definitely likes you.
Gain your courage and go speak to her she might be the lady you have always wanted to know and meet.

4. Blushing
A lady who likes you is shy in front of you.
She simply cannot help it and finds herself blushing when talking to you.

5. Mirroring
When a lady likes you she is very likely to start copying or doing the same thing you do.
She may even start using your slang and making gestures you make. Be a happy man whenever you notice this as it means the lady likes you a lot and adores you.

Ladies which other signs do you show to a guy for him to know you like him?

Many ladies at times say dudes are slow at reading signs or the in verbal cues, you may save them a mountain to climb and figure it out.

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