Top TV News anchors who were once video vixens.

We all have a past and things we did before we were where and who we are today.

Same are our TV news anchors some of who were once video vixens in various music videos.

Today being a video vixen has been watered down and takes a lot of guts as it has been eroded in secular music by skimpy girls who showcase themselves in bad light while men are overdressed in the latest fashion trends as seen in most gengetone music videos. The irony right.

Luckily our news anchors were presentable and some were doing it as a hobby, to support a friend or a side hustle some before making it and before the fame others when already successful and a brand. looks at some of the TV news anchors who have featured in various music videos as vixens some even before many people knew them.

1.Lillian Muli Nzisa

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli featured in gospel musician Stephen Kasolo song Kyaa Kya Ngai .

Here is the music video:

Happy Lillian Muli can be seen in the video all smiles and laughter.

2. Anne Kiguta

K24 TV news anchor Anne Kiguta was back in the day featured in DNG Mpenzi song featuring Manjeru.

Here is the music video:

The anchor Anne Kiguta acted as DNG’s lover in the video, who he was singing for.

3. Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo back in 2009 featured as a video vixen during her campus days at Daystar University studying Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication in the song Mdogo Mdogo by musician S Kay.

Here is the music video:

4. Willis Raburu

Bubbly Citizen Tv News anchor and Citizen 10 over 10 TV presenter Willis Raburu was also a video vixen in 2 in 1 Part one official video by Naiboi and All Stars.

Here is the music video:

5. Former Citizen Tv News anchor Jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe in 2 in 1 by Naiboi part two official video.

Here is the music video:

Jacque Maribe was in another video too: “Size 8” by Linet (Size 8 featuring Raudy) back in day when Size 8 made a debut in the music industry and made a name for herself in 2009.

Young Jacque Maribe in the “Size 8” video.

Here is the music video:

6. Busara Naaman- Ebru Tv Kiswahili News anchor

Busara Naaman as a dancer vixen in Weka Weka by P Unit.

Here is the music video:

It seems like to make it and be successful as a Tv news anchor in Kenya you have to, have been a video vixen.

Just joking ladies and gentlemen focus on your studies and get that degree and masters first.

Which TV news anchor featured here is your role model and shocked you most?

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