How to know he or she loves you

Women and ladies consider flowers as a symbol of love.

Being in love and being loved in return is the best feeling in the world.

As the saying goes love make the world go round.

Love is the strongest emotion that is known to make people make very big decisions in their lives.

In that connection you definitely want to know if that boy or girl loves you before you make the next major move in your life. looks at how to know if that boy or girl you have been seeing loves you.

1. They cannot get off your mind and they keep talking to you day and night.

You are the first thing that they think of before they sleep or when they wake up in the morning.
Even if you have busy schedules you both make efforts to talk to each other and check up on each on how you are doing.
You are the first person they want to talk to in the morning or the last late at night before they go to sleep.

2. You are the first person they share their good news with.
When you love someone or someone loves you they want you to be the first person they tell that latest good thing that has happened in their lives.

This is to share the happiness and celebration together, for you to be happy and proud of them.

3. They make or always want to make your life better.
When someone loves you they want the very best for you.
They will always look for what is best for you, always wish you the very best before challenging tasks.
They will even make efforts to help you solve a problem that has been bothering you.
They may even go overboard to fix the problem themselves on your behalf.

4.They always want to spend more time with you.
When you love someone or someone loves you they cannot simply get enough of you.
They always want to make more life memories with you, by going to fancy and cool places and attending events with you.
They like having adventures and undertaking fun activities with you such as watching movies together, eating, taking road trips, dancing and so much more couple activities.
5.They introduce you to their friends and family.
Our family and friends mean a lot in our lives.
Only when someone really loves you will they want their family and friends to get to know you.
Parents mostly might get attached to them therefore you will only be introduced if they really love you.

6.They see a future with you and cannot stop taking about it.
When someone loves you they will make future plans in the minds and share them with you.
They may even talk of how many babies you may want in the future and baby names they may like.
Girls fantasise and dream of their wedding day in the future which they may mention or talk about once in a while.
If the relationship is really serious they may even talk of where you two would love to live in the future.

7.They are supportive and always there for you.
When someone loves you they want to be there for you and with you in every step of this journey of life.
Besides saying they love you they prove it by being there for you when you loose your job, go broke or during any sad life incident in your life and help you get over it.

8.They are not bothered by your flaws.
No human being is perfect we all have our weaknesses or flaws.
The saying goes love is blind comes into play.
When someone loves you they do not see or are not bothered by your flaws.
They have already managed to go beyond them and usually see the best things about you.

9. They are your home or best place in this earth where you feel most alive.
You feel very comfortable talking to them about anything and at any time.
They find themselves calling you at odd hours of the day just to hear your voice or to tell you that funny incident that happened near them or that joke they couldn’t just wait to tell you.

10.The buy you gifts and make your happiness their priority.
The best for last is that when someone loves you they want to see you happy always.
They will do everything anything to make you happy.

They will surprise you with gifts such as dresses, flowers, dolls, jewellery,pizza if you are a lady and that shoe,suit ,watch ,belt for men, or electronic that you have always admired and wanted.

The will buy you birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and take you for random dinner dates.

An example of flowers you can surprise your girl or lady with to show your love for her.

Have you now been able to decide or know if that special person in your life really loves you?

Here at we hope and wish you find true love and happiness.

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