11 photos of Nadia Mukami that proves she is the prettiest Kenyan song bird

Nadia Mukami debut into the music industry came when she released the song “si rahisi”.

Her sweet voice and vocal prowess stole every listeners attention and before she knew it she was a star.

She has done huge collaborations with artists like Masauti and Arrow Bwoy Radio love which has three million views and counting.

2020 Nadia has proved to be truly talented by breaking out of her comfort zone and doing a collaboration with the top gengetone artists Sailors gang called Tekenye which is already trending at number one.

The reason her fans love her more is because Nadia is a full package talent, beauty and brains.

Newszaleo.co.ke has complied top ten images that leave her fans wanting more. Have a look:


Did you know that Nadia Mukami is a true believer and a church girl. She goes to church every Sunday and is prayerful.


Nadia can slay in anything even a pair of shorts.


That big smile after receiving an award. We love this picture too Nadia.


Yes Nadia Mukami how can you be so beautiful? She keeps up to date with the latest fashion even shoes.


Make up looks good on you too Nadia Mukami.


Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Mirror: Mwihoko finest princess Nadia Mukami. Don’t you agree?


Nadia is now a big girl whose dreams have come true.


Even when outside the Capital city she still dresses to kill.


Gentlemen isn’t this what you mean when you say you are looking for a wife material?


Happiness is food to the soul. Nadia at it best.


2020 looks like its going to be a colourful year for Nadia Mukami.

Which is your favourite photo on the list?

Which Nadia Mukami song can you never get enough of as well?

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