Miguna Miguna celebrates 20th Marriage Anniversary with wife

Dr. Miguna Miguna with his wife Jane Miguna.

Dr Miguna Miguna is known for being a lawyer who fights for justice using words, facts and the Truth according to him.

Uknown to a few the tough lawyer is a married man with kids.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, the Canada based lawyer shared a photo of himself with his wife Jane Miguna and their three daughters, as they were celebrating their 20th anniversary of Marriage.

Miguna Miguna takes his wife and daughters out to celebrate his 20th Marriage anniversary. Photo: Dr.Miguna Miguna

Dr. Miguna Miguna wrote “….my lovely wife, the girls and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary of Marriage, Revolutionary Love, Affection and Focus. Nyar Gem pod ber ka dhahabu!….! Viva!

A Kenyan by the name Mercy C Kelel went ahead to comment to the lawyer that “I know this are the only people who can neutralize the general ! Hata simba hunywa maziwa”

The tough demeanor Lawyer Miguna Miguna known for his tackles replied that “I don’t need to be neutralized. My lovely ones empower me. Have self-esteem, madam.”

Seems Dr. Miguna Miguna loves his family a lot. We wish them a happy marriage to celebrate more anniversaries together.

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