Digital Forensic Experts & detectives nab 3 suspected NTSA database hackers

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Kenya (DCI) has arrested two suspects caught by the Digital Forensic Experts and Serious Crime Unit detectives actively on the NTSA database and TIMS system.

DCI Kenya issued the following statement as seen by

“Earlier today, a team of Digital Forensic Experts and Serious Crime Unit detectives working on intelligence raided an office in Ngara within Nairobi County.

Upon gaining entry, the team found two suspected hackers actively on NTSA database and TIMS system. The officers managed to arrest the two suspects namely Michael Onyango Oduor aged 54, Sylvester Onyango – 30 years and recovered the following: Ksh1,188,000, USD 100, three motor vehicles and fiber laser cutting machine that they were using to cut number plates. Also recovered was a compressor machine that was being used for painting number plates, one complete number plate, five desktop computers, laptops, logbooks, modems, hard drives and flash drives.

Further investigations led the officers to NTSA offices where they arrested one employee namely Antony Rugut Korir – 33 years in the call center department, who was assisting the hackers to access the NTSA network. Korir had connected a Local Area Network turtle gadget; a covert sytem administration and pentesting tool providing stealth remote access.

All the suspects are in lawful custody as further Investigations ensue.”

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