Kenya top 10 most populated communities -2019 Census Report

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the principal agency of the
Government for collecting, analysing and disseminating statistical data, custodian of official statistical information and co-ordination of the National Statistical System (NSS) in the country has released the 2019 National Housing and Population Census report on Friday 21st, Feb 2020.

According to the census report, Kikuyu community is the largest ethnic community in Kenya at 8,148,668 and the smallest are the Dahalo at 575.

Here is the KNBS 2019 Census full Report of the top 10 most populated tribes in Kenya.

  1. Kikuyu 8,148,668.
  2. Luhya 6,823,842.
  3. Kalenjin 6,358,113.
  4. Luo 5,066,966.
  5. Kamba 4,663,910.
  6. Somali 2,780,502.
  7. Kisii 2,703,235.
  8. Mijikenda 2,488,691
  9. Meru 1,975,869
  10. Maasai 1,189,522

Top five of the most populous communities make up two thirds of the total population.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) also shared that the population aged below 35 years was 35,700,787 in 2019 compared to 30,235,255 in 2009.

Therefore 35.7 million Kenyans are under the age of 35 out of the total 46.7 million Kenyans making them 75% of the total population.

The elderly, 65 years and above, make up 3.9% of the total population.

The total urban and rural population was 14,831,700 and 32,732,596 respectively in 2019 compared to 12,487, 375 urban and 26,122,722 rural Population in 2009.

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