13 photos of Size 8 which her fans cannot get enough of

Kenyan Gospel artist Size 8 Reborn.

God’s minister and Gospel musician size 8 has come of age from days of mateke, shamba boy, haijalishi kama ni Size 8 bora na feel good to the believer she is today.

Her fans love her this proved by her being among one of the most followed personalities on social media platform Instagram currently almost amassing to two million.

Cutting the chase and your curiosity , Newszaleo.co.ke looks at the most loved photos of the artist by her fans.


Truly the joy of the Lord lives forever.


Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour? Her fans probably love her more as she preaches the word of the Lord to them on her posts.


Anything you believe in and work hard on with faith it will happen and be as successful as you once dreamt.


Are DJ MO and Size 8 the most loved and popular couple in Kenya? Your answer is as good as ours.


Size 8 slaying that Valentines colour of love, red .


If you believe in true love marriage wraps up your love and as size 8 says marriage is a beautiful thing.


Every beautiful dress Size 8 puts on looks like she was born with it.


Her husband DJ MO is proud of his wife Size 8 as he even asks “huyu ni bibi ya nani aki”?


God’s approval and appreciation alone makes you even glow in mixed colours. Truly His love endures forever.


“Wacha nijifanye naangalia kitu kwa handbag then unipige picha”


If you believe and trust in God His blessings on you shine forever like Size 8.


When you step into your God your destiny is blessed and your doors to opportunities are opened.


The best for last is DJ MO and his wife size 8 dazzling in good looks as they ushered in Valentines Day.

Which among the photos above was your favourite? In which one did Size 8 Reborn kill it completely?

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