All you need to know about Self-Quarantine

What is Self-quarantine?

It is an act of individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19 separating themselves for 14 days to monitor if they develop symptoms.

Who Should Self-quarantine?

Anyone who has traveled within the past 14 days to a country with sustained reported COVID-19 cases or has had close contact with a person showing COVID-19 symptoms.

People who have been exposed to the coronavirus & who are at risk for coming down with COVID-19 might practice self-quarantine.

Health experts recommend that self-quarantine lasts 14 days. Two weeks provides enough time for them to know whether or not they will become ill and be contagious to other people.

You might be asked to practice self-quarantine if you have recently returned from traveling to a part of the country or the world where COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, or if you have knowingly been exposed to an infected person.

Self-quarantine involves:
✅Using standard hygiene & washing hands frequently
✅Not sharing things like towels and utensils
✅Staying at home
✅Not having visitors
✅Staying at least 6 feet away from other people in your household.

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