15 more test positive for Coronavirus now 296 in Kenya – CAS Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi

In the last 24 hours, 545 samples have been tested, out of which 15 persons have tested positive for Coronavirus disease.

This brings to 296 the total number of confirmed cases in the country.

11 of the positive cases are Kenyans while 4 are foreign nationals.

Out of 15 positive cases,
7 persons are from Mombasa,
6 from Nairobi,
2 from Mandera County.

None have a recent history of travel.

7 are males and
8 females.
15 are aged between 19-75 years of age,
6 are from our quarantine centers ,
9 were picked up by our surveillance teams.

✔️5 new recoveries
✔️74 people have fully recovered and been discharged
✔️2,851 monitored
✔️2,121 released
✔️730 under follow up
✔️14,704 total samples tested.

There is a clear indication that the #COVID19 infection is increasingly growing within our communities. It is therefore very critical that we strictly observe the containment measures by Ministry of Health Kenya.

Five patients have recovered and discharged.

We now have a total of 74 recoveries.

So far;

A total of 2,851 contacts have been monitored, out of which 2,121 have been discharged.

730 contacts are being followed at the moment.

A total of 14,417 samples have been tested.

As of today, the global COVID-19 pandemic cases stand at 2.5 million, with 653,000 recoveries and 170,000 deaths.

Indeed as a country we’ve expanded our lab capacity, we have more labs that are able to test however we are facing a challenge with regards to some of the sample kits…

Beware of surfaces that are likely to be contaminated & aid in the transmission of the virus. Among such surfaces include groceries in supermarkets.

Outlet stores should provide sanitizers to shoppers,& ensure no shopper is allowed into shops without wearing a face mask.

We acknowledge efforts made supermarkets & also banks in providing sanitizers to shoppers, & ensuring they wear face masks.
Our concern is on handling of goods by cashiers at paying counters & we are advising them to devise innovative ways to address this matter.

In this campaign, at midday every Wednesday, all will stop and clap for the healthcare worker. This is to appreciate the role healthcare workers are playing during this time of COVID-19.

Some of our young people deliberately break curfew regulations on false belief that they cannot catch #COVID19.

We remind them that, we are in a war situation, against an enemy that is not a respecter of age, status, gender, race or religion; Dr. Mwangangi.

We want to thank all individuals and corporates who have so far contributed to this containment effort. We Particularly want to thank the Kenya Air force for deploying two aircrafts flying banners with the message to ‘stay at home’.

We want to thank the Kenya Editors Guild together with Kenya Medics_KMA and Association of Nurses for initiating a campaign dubbed ‘Saa Sita’. In this campaign, at midday every Wednesday, all will stop and clap for the healthcare worker.

We acknowledge our mobile network providers for their contribution to the national
COVID-19 campaign effort.

Safaricom PLC through its foundation, has contributed thermal cameras worth Kshs. 10 million, on top of other donations.

Additionally, Safaricom is considering supporting our healthcare workers with a free communication package that will include 3 months’ internet bundles and airtime.

The only way we can flatten this curve is if we each take personal responsibility in doing this… the curfew is not there to punish Kenyans; it is a mechanism of containment for this virus.

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