12 more test positive for Coronavirus now 396 in Kenya – Health CAS Rashid Aman

“As we cross into the new month of May 2020, I am delighted to inform you that in the last 24 hours, we have been able to record fifteen (15) new COVID-19 discharges following successful treatment”. Dr. Rashid Aman, CAS Health.

This now brings to 144 the total number of recoveries.

✅15 new discharges
✅144 total number of recoveries
✅12 people have tested positive
✅396 total number of positive cases
✅20268 total tests
✅2 more fatalities today bringing a total of 17 fatalities

“Today, we tested a total of 777 samples from 14 Counties. Out this, twelve (12) people have tested positive for coronavirus. Seven (7) are from Mombasa, three (3) from Nairobi, one (1) from Wajir and one (1) from Kitui. This brings to 396 total number of positive cases in the country”. Dr. Rashid Aman, (CAS Health).

“The seven (7) cases in Mombasa are spread among Kuze(Old Town) – 4, Bondeni- 1, Bomani -1 and Kidunguni. The 3 three Nairobi cases are from Eastleigh, Fedha and Kileleshwa.

Seven (7) of these cases were picked up by our surveillance teams while five (5) are from our quarantine centres. In total, we have now tested 20,268. Today’s cases are aged between one and half years for the youngest and 75 years of age for the oldest. In terms of gender, nine (9) are males and three (3) are females”. – CAS Health Rashid Aman.

“We are aware that there have been reports highlighted in various media on a planned Covid-19 expenditure. Our accounting team, together with our international partners, will issue a detailed report soon”. -MOH

We are not yet there, continue washing hands, continue working from home and observing social distance to be able to defeat this monster; Dr. Patrick Amoth, Ag. Director General.

All truck drivers to be tested at their point of origin which is Mombasa, this shall be done in an efficient way.

As members of the EAC, we have agreed on a protocol that, to ease clearance at the border, all Kenyan truck drivers shall be tested from Mombasa; Dr. Rashid Aman.

Any restaurants & eateries, that wishes to open for business, must only do so after meeting the conditions & guidelines as outlined by Ministry of Health, MOH_Kenya .

Certification to open must be obtained from the public health offices in the counties.

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